Hello everybody!!

Welcome to Finger Licking Food. I enjoy cooking and it was only very recently that I discovered food blogs…my…that was a joyous day! I love to write and cook…FingerLickingFood has taken its birth :)

This blog will mainly focus on day to day cooking and the occasional specialties too. From chatpata snacks to mouth watering desserts, delicious ‘full’ meals to lip smacking sides…it’s all here!

I was never a passionate cook before I got married. After coming to the US I was on my own and had to cook...it sure was nerve racking initially..I’m sure many a newly wed would agree with me. I took on the challenge and now cooking is not a task but rather a passion. I’ve been there so I know how it feels. This blog is meant to help those new to the kitchen or otherwise, get through day to day cooking with simple, tasty and easy to make dishes that will have you licking your fingers off..hehe! :)

I love Indian food but don’t hesitate in experimenting cuisines from all over the world.

Did someone say finger licking isn’t manners??? It surely is in my kitchen …I’ve blabbed enough…so tie those aprons and grab a knife…lets get cooking! :-D

In true cooking spirit,


  1. Good luck with your new blog! Looking forward to your posts....

    The title is yummy good! :)

  2. Welcome Namratha.Blog on girl and I will here as soon as I can!:))

  3. Hey Hot colourful beginning!! :o)
    Will be here to see more.....

  4. Hi Namratha, Welcome to the blogging world. I have also recently started blogging after being amazed by the existing blogs :) Like you, I started cooking also after marriage and it has been a fun-filled adventure. Have fun cooking and blogging. Do visit my blog!

  5. Thanks Raki:)

    Thanks Pragyan, always a pleasure to meet a fellow blogger. Will visit your blog, thanks again for stopping by:)

  6. Welcome to the worldof food blogging. You are in for a great time!


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