Masala Chitranna & Recipes from blog buddies:

Masala Chitranna

Chitranna or more familiarly known as Lime Rice is a quick and easy meal. Plain Lime Rice can become boring at times so my mom used to jazz it up a bit with veggies, same tasty goodness but more colourful and filling.

You will need:

1 cup Rice
1 tsp Mustard seeds
1 tsp Urad dal
½ tsp Chana dal
6-8 green chillies
4-5 cloves of Garlic
Few curry leaves
1 large onion thinly sliced
1 cup green beans (French cut)
1 cup Carrots (French cut)
¼ tsp Turmeric powder
2 Tbsps Oil
Salt to taste
1 tsp Lime juice
Chopped coriander

Cook the rice and keep aside. Boil the beans and carrot, drain and keep aside.Heat oil in a pan. Add the mustard seeds. Add the urad dal, chana dal and curry leaves. Saute for a minute and add the slit green chillies. Add the sliced onions and when they are half done add the chopped garlic. (Note: The finer the garlic is chopped the stronger the flavour, so cut garlic as per your preference) Saute till onions are soft. Add the turmeric powder and sauté for 2 minutes. Lastly add the boiled veggies and fry for a minute. Turn off heat and add the cooked rice, salt and lime juice. Mix well and garnish with chopped coriander.

Other bloggers’ recipes

When I started my food blog I was instantly bombarded with so many other food blogs, because one link lead to another and then another…so it was a host of recipes all along. Everything looked so good that I wanted to try them all(call me over ambitious/greedy..hehe) I finally had time to try other recipes and it sure was a break from deciding what to make for lunch/dinner. Blogger buddies’ recipes did all the deciding for me!

Tomato Puris

I tried Suma’s Tomato Puris…simply delicious…loved the colour.

I couldn't resist taking pictures while the puris were still getting done, I feared they would flat out on me as soon as I plated them!!

We had ours with Chole, Suma suggests an Eggplant accompaniment which I'm gonna try soon.


This is Annita’s Unniyapams. When I was studying in a residential school in Ooty, we were served Unniyapams occasionally. Unniyapam is a Kerala specialty. I was craving for some last night and I googled and found her recipe. I didn't use the baking soda and sesame seeds. I also substituted the coconut bits with grated coconut.I must say the first bite was pure nostalgia!

Shahi Bell Peppers

I also tried Asha’s Shahi Bell Pepper, but forgot to take a pic…I guess I was too eager to eat!! :)

Thanks for the wonderful recipes ladies!! I still have a long list of “to try” recipes, all bookmarked neatly, I believe I will get to each one of them some day soon :)

Have a great weekend !!! :)


  1. the masala chitranna looks very different....nice recipe

  2. wow chitrannna cook it anyway i am ready for it :)
    looks delicious!

  3. Thanks easycrafts:) Glad you stopped by..

    Thanks Roopa:) I'm like you too, ready for chitranna anytime!:)

  4. Masala Rice is fantastic idea Nameatha. Viji

  5. Masale Chitranna looks mouthwatering!:))
    Glad you tried the Shahi too!:)

  6. what a spread! The chitranna look sooo delish.

  7. thanks for dropping by, namratha. we've added you to our blogroll. the last time we made unniyappam neyyapam), they didn't turn out well. must try again.

  8. Thanks Viji, glad you came by:)

    Thanks Asha, shahi bell peppers was delicious!

    Thanks Saju, nice to have you over:)

  9. Thanks Bee :) Do try this recipe, it worked well for me

  10. very colourful chitranna...and u have convinced me enough to try those appams. only prob is i am still looking for appam pan:(

  11. Yum...lime is such a great flavor! What a great rice :)

  12. I absolutely loved ur masala chitranna dear...Looks yummmmm...yummm.yummmm...:-)

  13. Thanks Sia, oh yes the apam pan is hard find here in the US, I got mine from India when I went this time.

    Thanks Meeso:)

    Thanks Sirisha:)

  14. At my husband's place they prepare this kind of lemon rice minus garlic though.
    Glad you liked my tomato pooris.
    Happy cooking.

  15. Hi i tried masala chitranna it came very nice all my family members liked it most thanks for posting good recipes


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