RCI:K -- Rasam and Sambar powders, Rave Rotti

More entries to this month's RCI:K, being from Karnataka its impossible to stop with just a few entries :) I often make Rasam and Sambar and use both the powders, I thought it would be a good idea to have the recipes to make these powders in one post so that I can refer back to it any time. Rasam powder, Sambar powder and Rave Rotti are my entries to Asha's RCI:K.

Rasam Powder

¾ cup Byadagi dry red chillies
¼ cup Guntur dry red chillies
2 cups Corriander seeds
1 ½ cups Cumin seeds
½ cup Whole black pepper
½ cup Fenugreek seeds (Methi seeds)
½ cup Mustard seeds
¾ tsp Asafetida
4-5 whole turmeric bits
3-4 cups Curry leaves

Lightly roast each of the above separately in a pan and grind all together to a fine powder. This is Rasam powder and can be used to make different varieties of Rasams. Store in an air tight container at room temperature and use as required.

Sambar powder

1 cup Corriander seeds
½ cup Cumin seeds
1 ½ tbsps Whole black pepper
1 ½ tbsps Mustard seeds
1 ½ tbsps Fenugreek seeds
¾ cup Urad dal
¾ cup Chana dal
1 cup Curry leaves
¼ tsp Asafetida
1 Whole turmeric bit
¾ cup Dry red chillies
½ cup Poppy seeds
1 cup Dry coconut grated

Lightly roast each of the above and grind together into a fine powder. This is Sambar powder. Store in a air tight container at room temperature and use as required.

Rave Rotti

This is the first time I tried Rave(semolina) rotti, my mom used to make this very often when I was back in India. Last night I was deciding what to make for dinner and thought of Rave rotti but didn’t have the recipe. Was too late to call mom so I had to go by memory…it did turn out good I must say!

You will need:

2 cups Regular Rava (Semolina- Upma Rava)
1 ½ onions finely chopped
1 tsp Green chilli paste
½ cup chopped coriander
Salt to taste
¾ cup Thick curd (yoghurt)
Water as required
Non stick pan or pans used to make Rottis

Toast the semolina on a low flame till it becomes light and fragrant. Let cool. Add the other ingredients and mix to form a pliable dough. Keep aside for atleast an hour, the longer the better.

Smear oil on the non-stick pan. These rottis need to be hand patted so don’t heat the pan. Place a small ball of the dough on the pan.Pat into thin rottis, wet fingers as you go so that the patting is easier. Pour ¼ tsp of oil on top and place the entire pan on the stove.

Cover and roast on medium flame. Covering helps cook both sides. When the upper side is done, uncover and roast for another minute or two, this helps crisp the rotti a little. When done, fold and serve hot with your favourite pickle and ghee.

To make the next rotti, cool the back of the pan under running cold water and you can immediately pat another rotti on the pan. When you have guests its best to use two pans. And if you are using non stick pans,wait till pan cools rather running it under cold water, could make the pan bend.


  1. Namratha, thank you so much for the powders and Rave rottis are mouthwatering.I will make it for dinner tomorrow.
    Thanks again,I will take the URL and photos, so you don't have go thru' the e mail and all!:))

  2. Thanks Asha dear:) I hope you will like the rotti :) And have already sent u the mail dear, not to worry!

  3. i too sent in sarina pudi recipe for RCI :)

  4. that last photo is making me hungry :( - i think i'll put on weight drolling over pics in various food blogs

  5. wow..those rave rotis looks soo yummy! and thnks for those podis..i have amma's recipes but yet to make even once..ur post is giving me some inspiration ;)

  6. Hey that's nice Nags, will look at yours too:)

  7. Hahaha..Lakshmi! Come on over, we'll eat together ..hehe

  8. Hey thanks Rajitha, ya I understand we always use up mom's pudis and wait for the next supply..hehe!

  9. Wow it looks so delicious. ANd the step by step pic is great.

  10. those are lovely entries. sambar and rasam powders are sure a must have.

  11. I've never seen rottis cooked like this. I'm trying to learn to make them. I'll try this method. Thanks.

  12. Love the rottis any time.
    How did you get that rich sambhar powder color? Did you use byadagee menasina kaayi?

  13. Thanks Suma...yup its the byadagi which gives colour..

  14. Rave Roti is something new to me, never heard of it before! Will try this one for sure and let you know how it comes! Thanks for sharing!

  15. nice recipe. we do the same called kandhebheeyam rotti. soak the ravva in curds whole night and do it


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