RCI:KA again! Pineapple Gojju and Shavige Payasa

I hail from Mysore, the capital of the Wodeyars and the kingdom of South Karnataka. Known for its rich cultural and historical significance, Mysore is a blissful getaway from the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle. Having lived all my life in Mysore, the cuisine of Karnataka reigns supreme in our kitchen back home. The following two recipes are also my entries to the "RCI:Karnataka" hosted by Asha of Foodie's Hope

Baath Masala Dosa with Filter Coffee was my first entry to the same event. Thanks Asha for allowing multiple entries :)

Pineapple Gojju:

Pineapple Gojju is served at traditional South Karnataka weddings with the other regular food varieties. It is one of the never ending side dishes. This can also be made with Dry Raisins and Raw Mango in the Mango season. My granny used to make this very often and I simply love it! This sweet & spicy gojju is delicious!

You will need:

1 cup fresh pineapple chunks (if using canned, use unsweetened)
8-10 Byadagi dry red chillies
2 tbsps Corriander seeds
½ tsp Fenugreek seeds
1 tsp Mustard seeds
¼ tsp Hing
1 tbsp Urad dhal
1 tbsp Chana dhal (kadlebele)
1/2 cup dry coconut gratings
Salt to taste
Oil and ghee
100 gms Jaggery (use less according to your taste)
100 gms Tamarind (soak in water and extract the juice)

  1. Boil the pineapple chunks,drain and keep aside.
  2. Roast the red chillies, coriander seeds, fenugreek seeds, urad and chana dhal, and coconut gratings each separately in little ghee till fragrant.
  3. Grind the roasted ingredients with water, tamarind juice and jaggery to form a rough paste.
  4. Heat oil in a pan, add mustard seeds and hing. Now add the boiled pineapple chunks.
  5. Add the ground paste, salt, tamarind juice and jaggery, bring to a boil. Add water if required to make a gravy like consistency.
  6. Serve with ghee and hot steamed rice. Goes well with chapathis too.

Shavige Payasa:

Shavige Payasa is a popular sweet dish it in Karnataka. Made with vermicelli, milk and sugar it makes a perfect dessert for any occasion or simply no occasion.

You will need:

1 cup Vermicelli
1- 1 1/2 cups Sugar
6-8 cups Milk
1 tbsp Cashewnuts
1 tbsp Raisins
1 tbsp Ghee

Heat 1/2 the ghee in a pan. Add the vermicelli and fry till golden brown, around 2-3 minutes. Meanwhile bring milk to a boil in a non stick pan/deep skillet and add the roasted vermicelli. Mix well and let the vermicelli cook. Once its done it will be translucent. Now add the sugar and stir till its dissovled. Bring to a simmering boil and remove from heat.

Heat the remaining ghee in a pan, add the cashews and raisins and fry till they are lightly brown.

Serve shavige payasa hot or cold topped with the cashews and raisins.


  1. Hi Namratha,
    what a treat Pineapple gojju i am drooling ...payasa looks lovely.

  2. namratha.. what a fun dish.. i love fruits made spicy! i must try the gojju and the payasam..looks yummy!

  3. Though I tasted gojju at weddings never made at home. Thanks for recipe. Payasa looks delicious.

  4. lovely entry. we call pineaplle gojju as menaskai in m'lore

  5. Namratha, thank you so much.You can send as many dishes as you like,looks great on the round up for our beloved Karnataka!:)
    Pineapple Gojju looks gorgeous and of course,shavige payasa is yum!:))

  6. Good recipe and delicious looking payasam. Withe the RCI event i am learning more about the karnatake cooking

  7. Gojju looks thick & yummy.

  8. My fav.. Pineapple gojju.. now cant wait to go to the market n get pineapples.. slurpp slurrp!!!

  9. hey, gojju looks so good, good to know raisins can be used to make this. would sure like to try with raisins, my fav :)

  10. Hi Rajitha dear, thanks! Do try the gojju, I'm sure you will love it!

  11. Hi Lakshmi, personally I don't like what they make at weddings, very rarely it tastes good...what we make at home is simply yummy! Try it:)

  12. Thanks Raaga and Sia...oh I didn't know they call it that in Mangalore..thanks for the info :)

  13. Thanks Asha dear, I probably will have more :D

    Thanks for stopping by Happy Cook, I'm learning a lot too about other cuisines because of RCI :)

    Thanks TBC:)

  14. Hey Suman, try it and lemme know what you think :)

    Thanks Richa, ya you can do it with raisins too, soak them first and then boil them.

  15. Lovely recipe you have a great blog! Nice pictures food looks yummy. :)

  16. Pass me those bowls here, please.

  17. U have such a lovely blog. I had this pineapple dish from MTR ready to eat and was thinking of how to make this..U made my day :)

  18. Thanks Jeena:)

    Sure Suma, they are on their way...hehe!

    Wow Shankari, I'm glad you stopped by :)

  19. the pineapple dish is new to me.sweet n spicy..have to try this one out.

  20. Hi Shaheen, you should try it, I'm sure you will like it:)

  21. The pineapple gojju looks and sounds so good...gosh, I go crazy to eat anything with pineapple in it! Great dish!

  22. hi namratha,
    Thanks for visitng my webpage.
    semiya payasam is my favourite and looks mouthwatering.
    Gojju looks sweet and spicy .

  23. Hey Namratha, Try frying the vermicelli to maroon color and then mix to milk it tastes really good and milk tastes like basundi.. try and let me know..

  24. Namratha I tried the pineapple gojju. It was superb with steam rice. The spice forced us to keep a napkin handy but we loved even that!

  25. Thanks Meeso:)

    My pleasure Prajusha, thanks for stopping by! :)

    That's what I do Sona, I fry the vermicelli before it goes into the milk :)

    Glad you tried it Anjali...oh ohh...the spice, well glad u liked that too! :)

  26. Hi
    This is subbarayan , I saw your gojju preparation details. Nice, u have up loaded for the benefit of many who are living out side India, Well I am also from Mysore.and have been living for the past 69 years. It is nice to hear that you r also from Mysore. You have been doing an excellent work by up loading cuisines of Mysore. Keep it up. Best wishes


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