Weekend Getaway to The Great Smoky Mountains

The Great Smoky Mountains are a major mountain range in the southern part of the Appalachian Mountains, the second ridge line forming a north-south running mountain chain from the Eastern United States and bordering the western side of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Also called the Smoky Mountains or the Smokies, they straddle the border between Tennessee and North Carolina, and are entirely west of the Eastern Continental Divide.

(Source: Wikipedia)

We went to Smokies to see the much talked about fall colours this season, and I must say it was well worth the visit. We even got to take a ride in a helicopter to get a better view of the top of the mountains. We also went on the Sky Lift.

View from top of the Sky Lift

View of the mountains from the helicopter

The city of Gatlinburg is a fascinating one with a street lined with shops, attractions and various other things to do. There is one section called “The Village” which has quaint shops and beautiful fountains. The whole city of course was geared up for Halloween.

There was a Candy making shop where we saw how Taffy is made and how its wrapped too.

Taffy wrapping machine and Taffy being pulled [ left corner]

The best place was a shop called “Sleepy’s”, tucked away in a small corner of Gatlinburg, which had a giant sleeping/rocking chair in front of the store. Inside the store were all sorts of trinkets and very funny signboards.

Hubby and Me

Some of the sign boards..read them (click to enlarge)

I bought the third one for my kitchen...hehe!

Smoky Mountain Bears

The scenic ride up into the mountains was a feast to the eyes.

Little River

It was a wonderful trip and I felt the weekend was not enough, we hope to make another trip soon :)


  1. Namratha, beautiful pics, need to vacation here sometime,hey loved those sign boards I would have brought the 3rd one too
    Deay you look very adorable :)

  2. Beautiful pic.
    It seems you had such a wonderful holiday.
    Agree with sreelu you look so young and adorable :-)

  3. I went here for my first anniversary. Loved that place. Have travelled to a lot of places. This place is very dear to me.thanks for bringing back memories

  4. This place is long overdue for us....never got a chance to go there.......Nice pics Nams......So u guyz had a great time...Nice ...nice :-))

  5. nams..you and hubby make an adorable pair...you are so cute :) and have been thinking of going to the smokys but something keeps coming up...looking at the photos perhaps will be a push i need ;)

  6. We love Gatlinburg too. We were there last year with kids who wanted to go to "Dollywood", stayed there!:)
    I bought a plaque for my kitchen which says " Mommy's Kitchen"!;D
    So good to see you and hubby there Nams, always nice to put a face on the name! Glad you had a great time, beautiful Fall colors. We have just a little bit here now!:)

  7. gr8 location & wonderful pics. u look gorgeous!!

  8. lovely pics..seems like u had a wonderful vacation...u too make an awesome pair :-)

  9. Thanks Sreelu :) You really should go sometime, its worth it..

    Thanks Happy:) Young I am... ;-D hehe

    Oh wow Mocha, that's awesome! I'm glad this brought back good memories for you:) thanks for stopping by!

  10. Thanks Siri dear, I thought u were holidaying too there at the same time... do go it's awesome! :)

    Thanks Rajitha:) You really should go before it gets too cold,its wonderful now.

    Thanks Asha dear, I'm glad you guys enjoyed in Gatlinburg too:) Dollywood was all over the place..hehe!

  11. Thanks Swaroopa and Remya :)

  12. Awesome pics! They are all very nice, It's nice you had a good time :)

  13. Namratha,
    Someof those pics are breathtakingly beautiful.
    You guys make a cute couple:-)I had pictured u differently in my head.

  14. Thanks Meeso:)

    Thanks TBC, how else had you pictured me, hope not worse than what I am now! :-D


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