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It was one awesome long weekend for hubby and me as we headed to Orlando, Florida. We left on Wednesday night and got back last evening, so wasn’t able to get to all of your posts during that time. I’ve been at it since this morning and managed to read past 80 + posts and leave comments too.

I’ve been eager to visit Magic Kingdom ever since I’ve come to the US, and have been eating hubby’s brains on end to plan a trip. I know I sound nothing less than a 4 year old, but hey that’s me..hehe! One part of me is all about fantasy lands and fairy tales. So this trip meant a lot to me. On Thursday we visited Epcot, on Friday Sea World and on Saturday – Magic Kingdom..yeah, saved the best for last. Also because we found out Magic Kingdom is open till midnight on weekends and closes by 8pm on weekdays,so the more time we got there, the better (for me, of course!) We drove to Orlando, which was a 7 hour drive from here. It was one Happy Thanksgiving, in its own way.

I can go on about our trip, but there is just too much to share, so for now I’ll let it rest and instead share a few pics from Magic Kingdom.

S and me on Main Street in Magic Kingdom

Cinderella's Castle by night

Spectro Magic Parade

With Daisy Duck

I haven’t gotten to cooking yet, so will share some of the recipes I’ve tried from other blogs. I’ve been planning to mention it whenever I make a new post and never got to doing it!! So here goes:

(click on name of dish for recipe)

Oriya Thali from Neivedyam (Phulcobi do Piaja and Channa Dal from temple)

Egg Puffs from My Kitchen Hobbies

Methi (Fenugreek) Dal from The Budding Cook

Corn Puffs from Khana Pina -- I made these before we left on the Orlando trip, it was a tasty snack on the drive.

Methi Rasam from CookSpot

Green Moong Dal from The Bubbling Cauldron

I will be back with more of my recipes very soon!


  1. hey kidoo...glad that u had fun..and all the food look soo good

  2. I loved Magic Kingdom. We went there in 2005 and the trip was over all too soon.There's so much to see and do. The pic of Cinderella's castle is beautiful.

    I am glad you liked the methi dal, Namratha. :-)One correction though-my blog is "The Budding Cook". The one you have mentioned is Kamini's blog. :)

  3. Thanks Rajitha! :)

    Oops, am so sorry TBC, will correct it right away!!! Glad you enjoyed your trip too back then...:) I felt so bad that we had to come back...3 days, 3 parks..was too good.

  4. Lovely pics and recipes Namratha...:)

    ~ Siri

  5. Magic kingdom looks beautiful...especialy the castle is superb...!!Bet you enjoyed the trip very much..
    Recipies from other blogs hav come out nice!!

  6. Nice pictures there, thanks for sharing them!

  7. nice pics. and so nice u tried out all those recipes :)

  8. Wow you have been busy making these foods.
    Love all of them. But what i like to have the most is the puffs.

  9. Next time plan a trip tp Universal studios, you will love it.We go to Orlando once in every 2 years. Kids hate Mickey mouse, so no more Disneyland for us!:D
    Glad you had a good time and used long weekend in a good way, we just shopped like crazy!:)
    Food looks yum.Temple Dal is interesting!

  10. Super Trip :)
    n the egg puffs look great!

  11. Oh yes!! I wanted to go to Disney and meet Mickey mouse ever since I was a kid!! Thankfully I am just on a 30 mins. drive to Disney land!! isn't it awesome!! oh I wish I lived there!!!
    Nice spread u have there!!!

  12. Thanks Siri:)

    Yup Raks, we had a blast! :)

    Thanks Sra and Nags:)

    Hehe, ya Happy, when I get bored with my own cooking, I try others' ..its worth it! :)

    Asha, we have been to Universal in LA, it was fun...hmm they hate Mickey could they??? :D

    thanks Suman :)

    Wow, that's gr8 Manasi, you live so close by, lucky you :)

  13. Great pics of your trip!!! Everything looks good :)

  14. can tell u had loads of fun...

  15. Namratha!Nice pictures.I liked the one with ducky and castle. we stay only 40 mins away from magic kingdom now.I visite Disney Land in LA in 2002.It was real fun.


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