Khara Dose (Spicy Dosas) and Fantastic Four MeMe

Khara means spicy in Kannada. My mom recently gave me this recipe over the phone and I immediately gave it a shot coz it so happened on the day I spoke to her I still hadn’t decided what to make for lunch/dinner. It’s a big relief when someone suggests a dish, half the work is done!! Deciding what to make is a bigger task than actually making the dish..phew! I made this for dinner, since I had to soak the rice and dal. This was the first time I made this dosa, all I know is it is supposed to be spicy…I have no idea if this is what my mom had in mind…hehe!

You will need:

2 portions Rice (Sona masoori)

1 portion Tuar Dal

12 Byadagi Dry red chillies

8 Guntur Dry red chillies

½ tsp Tamarind paste (or marble size tamarind)

1 small pc jaggery (1 tbsp if powdered)

Salt to taste

Soak the rice, tuar dal and dry red chillies for atleast 4-6 hours. Grind to a smooth paste along with the tamarind paste and jaggery. Use as less water as possible. Let batter ferment overnight. If batter has not fermented then add ¼ tsp Cooking Soda and mix well.

Heat a pan. Apply a tsp of oil and wipe clean with a paper towel. Pour one ladle of dosa batter in the centre, rotate clockwise to make a thin pancake. Drizzle 1/2 tsp oil on top. Cook on both sides.

Wipe pan with a paper towel between dosas. Since the dosa is spicy it doesn’t need an accompaniment, dosas can be had with ghee. If you still need something to go with it then serve with pickle or Coconut Chutney.

Khara Dose is my entry to "JFI-Toor Dal" hosted by Linda of Out of the Garden and also to "Vegan Ventures"hosted by Suganya of Tasty Palettes.

Now for the Fantastic Four MeMe. When Rajitha of Hunger Pangs tagged me, I was happy, because this is the first time I've been tagged for anything at all since I started my blog. Thanks Rajitha, and I really took my time to get to the MeMe, hope you don't mind!! So here goes...

My Fantastic Four MeMe:

4 Places I have Lived

Mysore - born and brought up there
Ooty - 7 years of boarding school
Bangalore - Granny's place when I was working
Dallas, Texas

4 Jobs I had

(Rather I wish I have in future, I'm still in my mid 20s..long life ahead...or so I think! )

Caterer - my parents have been in that business for a long time, I would love to follow suit
Pastry chef - My new found passion for baking seems to be going stronger day by day

At this point this is all I can think of!

4 Favourite Places I have holidayed

Colorado -on this year's b'day with hubby dear, was a dream come true!
Las Vegas
Orlando - the most recent trip and the best ever
San Francisco with my cousin

4 Favourite Foods

Hard choices to make!!
Chunky Monkey Ice cream (Ben and Jerry's)
Oththa Shavige (Rice Semiya) which granny makes...especially the sweet one
Trifle Pudding

All of my mom's cooking, too hard to choose any one from her list :)

4 Favourite Places I would rather be

Back home in India, with all of my family
Relaxing by a fireplace with hot soup on a rainy day
In Magic Kingdom, I found it hard coming away after my trip (ya, ya I'm still a kiddo!)

I would like to tag:

Kalva of Curry in Kadai

Nags of For the Cook in Me

TBC of The Budding Cook

Manasi of A Cook @ Heart


  1. Khara dose is what they call Adai in Tamilnadu! I didn't know they are made in K'taka too, great to know!:))
    I made Adai Masale dose, tastes so good,all in one dish with chutney.
    MeMe well done. Few of Arvind's cousins go to boarding school in Ooty and most of them go to in Mysore!:)
    See in 2 weeks, enjoy.

  2. nammu - great dosa and a fun meme...arre late likha toh kya..likha toh sahi :)..and boarding school ....did u get lots of scoldings..huh ;)

  3. Hi Namratha, my this spicy khara dose looks so good, and perfectly cooked! I think you could add 'dosa instructor' to your list of jobs :) I could never even make them half as well.

    Enjoyed your meme too -- I like Magic Kingdom still :) Will take a peek and see if you posted any pics from Colorado -- I was there couple of summers ago and it is gorgeous :)

    Thanks for contributing another yummy dish to JFI: Toor Dal!

  4. Khara dosa looks very nice and crispy. Can see that the batter was well fermented:-)

    Thanks for tagging me, Namratha. I am yet to get to even one of the six that I've been previously tagged for. I'm not too good with these;-)
    Hvae I told u before?- I have the same Corelle plates:)

  5. Thanks Namrata for tagging me., i am very new to blogging and have already made so many good friends.. Thanks for tagging me, but dont know anything abt MEME., i ll browse through now! Ohh your Karam Dosa Simply superb!!!

  6. Ur dose is a must try for this weekend Namratha. They look so crispy and yummy! Nice Meme too.:D

    ~ Siri

  7. Wish i was able to cook like this when i was mid twenties, i was a real amature than ;)
    Love the dosa never ever made them with toor dal. It is a must try recipe in my list.
    Looks really delicious

  8. Oh i forgot to write nice meme.

  9. what a yummy looking dosas delecioussssss

  10. This is easy dinner. Thanks Namratha :)

  11. Hi ASha, Adai is not so thin right? But good to know its more or less the same :)

    Thanks Rajitha, hmmm utna daant tho nahi, it was a lot of fun thought, a friend and I were notorious, always breaking rules :-D

    Haha, thanks Linda, 'dosa instructor' now why didn't I think of it?! :) No pics here from Colorado, back then I had no idea that I would even have my own food blog!

  12. Thanks TBC :) And yes, tagged you again so you would know its high time to get to the MeMe s :-D And yup I accused you of stealing my plates....remember :P

    Oh Kalva, I'm read through, its nothing at all...just a few facts about you so we know you better :)

    Do try it Siri, and lemme know how it goes :) thanks!

    Haha, I'm sure that was long ago for you Happy :-D do try the dosa

  13. Sagari and Suganya, thanks! :)

  14. Namrtha, the dosas are porous and crispy too. Nice entry. Interesting Meme. Viji

  15. the dosas look so tempting..nice read of a meme! hey Ooty is close to my hometown!

  16. Yum, the dosa looks so crispy! I would have loved that for breakfast :)

  17. that dosa looks lovely!

    thanks a ton for tagging me Namratha :) I have already taken this, Please check it out here.

  18. Viji, Rachel, Meeso...thanks! :)

    Hi Nags,oh I didn't know you had done this already...couldn't find it on your food blog..nice MeMe :)

  19. Namratha, Love the Falafel, Always use to see them in the Greek or Mediterrian fast foods but never tried them. Thx for the recipe.

  20. Love those spicy dosas. Your dosa come out so perfect.


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