This month’s fruit is Papaya and when Nags announced this I was wondering what I could make with Papaya because I enjoy the fruit as is and have never bothered making something out of it. I bought a large raw papaya that same weekend thinking that a raw one would give me sufficient time to come up with something. It has been sitting on my table since then, and in a wink has ripened too!! I realized it was high time I made something before it went bad on me. Mom had mentioned a tropical salad long ago and that required papaya, but I wasn’t too sure if a ripe one would do good. I went ahead and made it anyways and it was great.

Exotic Super Salad

You will need:

½ cup Papaya cubed
½ Cucumber cubed
½ cup Pineapple cubed
½ cup Orange segments
2 tsp Mint chutney (recipe here)
2 tsp Olive oil
½ tsp Black pepper powder
½ tsp Salt
½ cup Green gram sprouted (Whole Moong dal) – optional

In a medium bowl place the cubed fruit and cucumber. In another bowl, blend the olive oil, minty chutney, salt and pepper. Pour this over the cubed fruit and toss. Garnish with a fresh sprig of mint. Serve immediately.

I left out the green gram sprouts because I don’t like the taste of the raw sprouts.

I am not a salad person at all but was not too hestitant in making this one because it has fruit in it. I must say I was pleasantly surprised at how well the fruits and the cucumber came together. The mint chuntey made it refreshing and tasty. I think this is one salad I will make again.

This is headed to Nags at For the Cook in Me who is hosting AFAM – Papaya this month.

CLICK -- Liquid Comfort

It is the heart of winter now and other than soups nothing else could be more comforting. But I’ve made a lot of soups this winter and want to stop making them for a while. So I chose to click our favourite liquid comfort in the blazing summer heat. I know summer’s a good many months away, but no harm in gulping down some now as well. Our drink is Minty Ginger Ale with lots of ice, a dash of lime and mint leaves.

I added a mint leaf to each ice cube mold and let it freeze, not only did it make the ice cubes look good with the mint leaves in it, but it also adds to the minty flavour of the drink as it melts.

This picture is my entry to this month's CLICK - "Liquid Comfort" over at Jugalbandi.


  1. that salad sure is refreshing!

  2. That's a lovely shot! And thank you so much for the papaya entry :)

  3. Hi Namratha
    Wave of refreshing feeling !

  4. Nammu!!! Did you get telepathy from me. Look at my post at Aroma I just posted few mins ago!:D

    Click and AFAM!!

    Both look great, I had a tough time finding the Papaya!

  5. wow...thats cool...i too wanted to participate in AFAM event by Nags..but still thinking and thinking what to do with papaya...urs is a great idea

  6. 2 fabulous entries Namratha.

  7. I too hv never cooked w/ papaya, ur salad looks pretty :)

  8. That is a lovely entry for CLICK, Namratha...and I hate papaya!... it stinks!:-0

  9. Lovely salade.
    And the pic for click is so cool

  10. hey good idea.i am a new blogger plz do see my blog and encourage me

  11. Gr8 entry and a gr8 Click! All the best! Belated birthday wishes to u! Nice to read about your birthday celebration.. Congrats on your new job.

  12. Wow Namratha, the salad looks so inviting and refreshing.. and Nice CLICK entry too..:)

    ~ Siri

  13. Salad looks so simple and so delicious!!!!
    Lovely click

  14. Thanks to all for your lovely comments :)

    Asha that really is a coincidence, strong telepathy indeed hehe...

  15. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your really kind comment. Please feel free to visit anytime :D

    You have a really lovely blog and i'm so pleased to have found you :D

    Your salad looks stunning and so very refreshing - delicious!!

    Rosie x

  16. That salad sounds great with the mint chutney, must be so refreshing!

  17. beautiful pics for click namratha and yummy salad too

  18. That is a great refreshing salad Namratha! Great pics too..


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