A winter day to remember

Last Saturday, the 19th was a beautiful day and it gave me enough reasons to remember for a long time to come.

First, it was my birthday, and my husband and friends made it very special for me. I got lovely gifts and a birthday cake (which I didn’t bake…for a change!)

Second, it snowed on that day! I know, for those living in the North, snow isn’t a big deal, but for us down South in Atlanta, it sure is…atleast for people like me..hehe. It was a beautiful day with the snow falling steadily which covered the ground with a blanket of white.

Third, I got a big catering order on the same day. Hmm, lemme back up for a minute and tell you that I have started food catering from home. Since I love to cook and am so into it these days, I thought I might as well make it more productive and cook for others too. I started in the beginning of this month and two weeks into it, I got my first big order apart from the small orders everyday. I had to make 55 chapathis and Daal for 20 people. For some this is nothing coz they might have cooked for guests at large parties. But for me, it was a big deal as I have never done this before. So on my birthday I was pretty busy in the kitchen between calls from India and cooking. It wasn’t hard on me, as I thoroughly enjoyed it and every now and then I took a break to watch the snow fall which was extremely relaxing.

Here are some pictures from that day.

Birthday Cake -- Red Velvet Cake

Gifts -- Pyrex 21 pc set and a Baking cookbook

My hubby’s gift is still due as I hadn’t decided what I wanted then. Now I know and he has promised to buy me a huge cake decorating kit, that is sure to keep me busy with my cakes and also make me really happy! I am buying it this weekend, so will update the pics soon.


I just realized I had forgotten to include the best gift I got on my birthday...a hand crocheted muffler from my dearest cousin who lives on the West Coast. She made it herself and coincidentally with the colours I love. It was a very pleasant and sweet surprise, and I was very very happy when I received it in the mail from her. It's beautiful and means a lot since she made it for me :) (I'm kicking myself for not having including this earlier...sorry sis!!)

Unfinished Snow Man...

It was a wonderful birthday and definitely a winter day to remember :)


  1. 55 chapathies to make. I would be out for a whole week :-)
    But it is so good to know that you have the opourtunity to do this catering which you love

  2. Happy birthday first of all, enjoy those lovely gifts. That is great cake book, I have it too!:))

    Man! You are brave!! Alone, making all those chapatis. I make 8 chapatis for our dinner for 4 and it takes atleast 1 1/2 hrs to make them!:D

    Good luck with catering. Sounds like fun if you have some help and may be you could hire somebody to help once you make enough money!:)

    All the snow is gone for us too. Lasted about a day!!;p

  3. Firstly, Belated Happy B'day , secondly, congrats on getting a very good and popular book on baking...and I salute you for making 50 chappathis , making 6 chappthis daily itself is a huge task for me :D

    I am actually browsing ur blog at the wrong time..its lunch time here and ur cakes are killing me..especially the Black forest cake ! very cute Sankranthi treats too :)


  4. omg, u r a capri :) belated b'day wishes, sweetie!
    it is beautiful that u r following ur cooking passion with catering! best wishes and keep us posted on what all u make :)

  5. Hehe Happy....I'm sure you could do it too :D

    Thanks Asha! :)oh goodie, you have it too...nice. Hmm true, I may hire help sometime in the future..

    Thanks Shn, hehe....poor you, come on over for some cake :)

    Are you are capri too Richa??? :)Thanks!! Sure will update ya...

  6. have a wonderful year ahead, dear namratha, and congrats on your new home business.

  7. Belated birthday wishes namratha :) Looks like you had a lovely, albeit busy celebration ... Kudos on your catering business (it's something I've been wanting to do.. maybe when I get to it, will ask you for some advice). All the best. I remember how excited I was to see snow when we lived in Atlanta... :)

  8. Hi Namratha, Belated B'day wishes. Sounds like you had a nice time on your b'day and received some loving gifts. Thats awesome you started catering and good luck to you in this new venture.

  9. Mamamia! 55! all alone! PHEW! but that must have been sooo satisfactory after u were done with and appreciated! wonderful Namratha! Best wishes for doing a great job! :) Belated Birthday wishes to you :)

  10. Happy Birthday (a few days late!)...those are some wonderful presents indeed: Dorie Greenspan's baking book is hugely popular, and I love my pyrex bakeware dearly. The muffler looks adorable.
    Good luck with your home catering business! Wishing you much success with it.

  11. Wishing you many more beautiful days! Happy (belated) birthday to you. :)

  12. Wow, Namratha.. First of all Belated Happy Birthday and All the very best for ur catering business.. As ashaji said, probably after earning a bit, u can hire someone to help u.. :))

    I stayed in a place for 2 long years where there was 13 inches of snow for 4 looonng months.. so basically, I have lost the fascination for Snow.. heheh.. lovely pics dear

    ~ Siri

  13. Hey Namratha,
    Belated birthday wishes to you!:-)
    Wishing you much success with your home catering business.

  14. Hey Namratha!
    congrats for everything dear.All the best in your catering business.
    Hey,I am actually here today to say that I tried your spicy bean soup which you posted earlier and it was simply too good ya.It reminded me of my fav soup in sweet tomatoes.hope you will come up with many more such wonderful dishes.Belated happy birthday dear Namratha.Btw mine was on jan 12th.

  15. Goodness! First off, Happy Belated Birthday!!! Also, Congratulations on your catering and having your first order so soon! It sounds like you had a great day and the pictures of the snow are beautiful :)

  16. A very happy bealted birthday nammu!! glad you had tons of fun :)..and congrats on ur new business girl!! i have been thinking of something on the same line for yrs..yet to do anything about it..good for you.

    and that snow man..cho chweet....u gotta come and visit me..then u can make a big one :)

  17. Belated Happy Birthday Namratha! 55 chapatis, hats off to you girl... :) Congrats on the home business...

  18. Belated Happy birthday. Its great that u are doing some thing u love and turing it into a career. Best of luck on ur new venture.


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