Fruit Crepes

Last October my hubby and I visited my cousin in Santa Clara, California. We had a great time visiting the long list of must see places in and around San Francisco. One such place was of course Navy Pier which was a treat, the people, the shops, the food….was all too good! There was one shop there called ‘Crepes’ which sold Crepes with all kinds of delicious fruit and non-fruit filling inside. I so wanted to try one but we came upon this shop only after a heavy Mexican lunch. I was just too stuffed to think about eating anything just then. But this didn’t stop me from watching how these crepes were made.

The guy who was making them was so swift and worked very quickly with these crepes. I watched in awe and took these pics.

Later during our trip I mentioned this to my cousin and she said she hadn’t tried these too. So the next day when we went out, we were on the look out for a good place which served crepes. To our bad luck all the places we came upon were closed because it was Labour Day. Definitely not the day to be looking for any place to eat!!! Before I knew, our trip had ended and I came back to Atlanta without eating these crepes.

I recently decided to try making these crepes at home and thankfully they turned out well.

For the crepes:
2 large eggs
1 cup whole milk
1 cup all-purpose flour
A pinch salt
2 tbsp butter

For the filling:
4 bananas
3 tbsp butter
2 lemons, juiced
1 tbsp brown sugar
1/4 cup tangerine juice
½ cup Raspberries fresh/frozen

½ cup Strawberries fresh/frozen
1 small jar hazelnut spread (recommended: Nutella)

Confectioners' sugar, for serving

In a bowl, whisk together the eggs and milk. In a separate bowl mix the flour and salt. In a small pan over low heat melt the butter and cook it until it is light brown.

Add the egg and milk mix to the flour and salt and mix well so that there are no large clumps. Add the browned butter and mix to incorporate, being careful not to overmix batter. The batter should just coat the back of a spoon. If seems too thick, thin it out with a little more milk or water. Let the batter rest for 1 hour prior to making crepes.

Prepare filling:
Peel bananas, cut into big bits.In a large pan melt the butter and cook until lightly browned, add the lemon juice and sugar, stirring so that the sugar dissolves. Add the bananas and tangerine juice and cook for about 3 to 5 minutes so the flavors incorporate and the bananas are hot but not mushy. Add the raspberries and strawberries. Stir gently to combine. Set this mixture aside and let cool slightly.

After the crepe batter has rested for 1 hour, heat 1 (10-inch) nonstick saute pan over medium heat. Add 2 ounces of the crepe batter to the pan, remove pan from heat and tilt slightly to spread the batter over the entire pan.

Cook for about 1 minute until the bottom side is lightly browned. With your fingertips and a spatula, carefully flip crepe and cook the second side for about 15 seconds. Remove crepes and continue with remaining batter.

Lay the crepes out on a flat surface. Spread each crepe with about 1 tablespoon of hazelnut spread.

In one fourth of the crepe, spoon about 2 tablespoons of the banana mixture and fold the crepe over in half and in half again so that it has a triangular shape. Repeat this with all of the crepes.

Serve the crepes on a plate with the sauce spooned over the top and sprinkled with the confectioners' sugar.

These crepes are very light and make a great dessert for any occasion. They are easy to make and are surely good eats with all that fruit!


  1. interesting!!
    never had one before.. gotto try them :)

  2. I make Chocolate crepes. I know it's fancy word for Maida dose, if you skip the eggs and fruits!:D
    Looks yummy with fruits, great breakfast!:)

  3. you finally decided to make them... :o) cool pics

  4. Nice photos! Would be good with most types of fruit. :)

  5. I have eaten in that creperie. They serve amazing crepes.

  6. Hi Namratha
    Loved your blogotorial and pictures for crepe. Goood clicking and capturing. In fact, i also loved your lemon tea cake with lemon satin icing. Good show, lady !

  7. I never had Crepes before.. gotto try to have them.. Nice post dear!


  8. Dear Namratha

    Thanks for leaving such a nice note on my blog and am glad we found each other!!
    You refreshed my memories of having crepes in Paris for the first time...yeah, yours look fab indeed!!
    Congrats on a great blog!!
    See ya soon


  9. Gosh those look good, I haven't had crepes in ages.

  10. oh you should then Suman, its just toooo good :D

    Hehe it sure is a fancy name...I took these to a friend's place and her husband kept saying its nothing but dosa, and I was, its a crepe :D

    Yup Raki, I finally did! :)

    Thanks Kalai, yup these crepes would go great with any fruit.

    Aww that's great Suganya, I missed it!!! :( Maybe next time.

    Thanks Anamika :)

    Do try them Siri, they are delicious!

    Thanks Swati, my pleasure :)

    Thanks Julie, for stopping by:)

  11. Nice pics. This was a great light and very delicious recipe. I would very much like to make this for my husband. Great crepe recipe

  12. Looks yummy! Good one.

  13. Crepes look yum dipped in the sauce. I saw your valentine day cookie on Deccan Herald Reader's Connect Space. Congratulations!

  14. Thanks Shriya, I hope you will try it :)

    Thanks Uma:)

    Thanks Lakshmi :) I had sent the pics in and had totally forgotten about it, till it was published and a friend told me :D

  15. that looks so yummy. good job at replicating it at home!

  16. Oh my Crepes and don't they look so delicious!! Great post!!

    Rosie x

  17. OMGawsh...those look soooooo good! They look so perfect, too :)

  18. Never had the guts to make crepes.. lovely one


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