Punjabi Malai Daal and Mom on a TV show

A few months ago my mom was on a cooking show on a new Kannada tv channel "Suvarna TV". It was an exciting time for all of us to watch her on tv and do what she does best - cook. The shoot was in Bangalore and she had to bring all the ingredients and the vessels to make her dishes. She chose to make a curry "Punjabi Malai Palak" and also a sweet dish " Avalakki Payasa" (Poha Kheer) Both can be made in a jiffy with no mess. My dad and mom drove from Mysore to Bangalore the previous day of the shoot, went to granny's place. The next morning, mom, dad and granny left to the studios. But there were many people lined up for that day, that by the time mom got her chance it was almost late evening. But they were very patient the whole time and I guess it payed off!

My brother recorded the whole programme on his cellphone when it was telecast on tv and sent it to me, because we don't get that channel here. It felt nice, because for the very first time, someone in the family was actually on a cooking show. Mom has been a great cook all her life, she has been conducting cooking classes at home for almost 27 years now and she continues to do so. I feel so proud to have a wonderful mom like her!! :)

Here is the video. It is in Kannada. Mom is the one in black saree...her name is Anitha.

Following is the recipe for the daal.

Punjabi Malai Daal:

You will need:

1 cup Green gram (Whole Moong) soaked overnight

2 cups Spinach chopped

5 Green chillies

½ Cup Tomatoes chopped

¼ tsp Turmeric

1 tbsp Ghee

1 tsp Cumin seeds

1 tbsp Chopped ginger

1 onion chopped

½ cup Plain yoghurt

1 tsp Jaggery powdered

Besan if required

1 tsp Red chilli powder

Salt to taste

In a pressure cooker, add soaked, drained green gram. Add 2- 2 ½ cups water. Add chopped spinach, tomatoes, slit green chillies, chopped ginger and turmeric. Close lid and cook on high till steam begins to rise. Place weight, reduce heat to low and cook for 6- 7 minutes.

Meanwhile, heat ghee in a pan. Add the cumin seeds and sauté for a minute. Add the chopped onions and sauté till soft and translucent. Add red chilli powder and sauté for a minute more.

Add the cooked gram to this and bring to a simmering boil. Add salt and jaggery. If the dal is too thin, then make a paste of besan flour with little water and add to the dal while stirring. This thickens the dal. Bring to a boil and then add the lightly beaten plain yoghurt. Simmer for a minute and then turn off heat. Serve hot with rice or rotis/pooris.

I tried the Poha Kheer too, but when I made it I forgot to take pics. So when I have the pics, will certainly post the recipe and the video here.

Punjabi Malai Daal is my entry to the event "My Legume Love Affair" hosted by Susan of The Well-Seasoned Cook.


  1. That is cool...you put the videos on the blog :o) hey if you can put videos on the blog, why dont you put some of yours as well...some cooking videos...

  2. hey, just saw the clip and it was so good, pls convey my congrats to ur mom! though i don't know the language, i got a few words like mosaru, i guess yogurt, right ;)
    thanks for sharing the clip, lovely!

  3. Thanks my dear Raki, well maybe someday!! :) If you will come and shoot the videos for me...hehe :D

    Thanks Richa, glad you saw them...sure will tell her :) Mosaru is yoghurt alright!! :)

  4. yes, you must be proud to have such a mom and you are lucky too. Nice post. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Congrats. Saw th clip, even though I could not understand the language, It was great to see ur mom in the clip.

  6. You must be real proud of your mom....the recipe sounds good...thx for sharing.

  7. Thats something to be really proud of namratha!!lovely pictures n recipe

  8. Hey Namratha thats so exciting...back home in mysore my mom and so many fo my family members watch cooking channels,I bet they have watched your mom cook too..Congrats to her. Nice recipes. I never made alvalakki payasa......

  9. thats great to know !
    Punjabi malai daal is looking yummy :P.
    thanks for sharing Namrata :) .

  10. How exciting to see your mom on T.V. cooking! The dish looks very delicious :)

  11. So , that's where your talent comes from :-)...your mom's a natural...you must be so proud of her...my regards for her.

  12. nammu..wow :)..loved the way your mother taught the whole thing..even tho i do not understand kannada..i could follow the whole recipe..please pass on my regards to her :)

  13. Thanks Uma :)

    Thanks Vimmi, glad you watched it :)

    I sure am Jayashree, thanks! :)

    Thanks Padmaja :)

    Thanks Madhu, yup I guess they would have seen here. It has been re-run several times, after the initial telecast :)

    Thanks Pooja:)

    Thanks Meeso:)

    Yup Sunita, thanks dear :)

    Thanks Rajitha dear, glad you watched it...:)

  14. OMG - thats awesome Namratha, do convey my regards and also congrats to aunty..:D.. the clip is damn clear and though I cudn't understand it was fun to watch ur mom on TV..


  15. That's awesome Namratha.. what a cool mom. You must be really proud and happy. Thanks for posting the videos... for our benefit.
    Awaiting the kheer recipe.

  16. Wow, your mom looks so comfortable, right at home there... looks like she is born to be a star... You have the right genes Namratha :) Congrats to your mom...

  17. That's so cool. Convey my congrats and regards to your mom. Wonderful video. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Am sure this must have been a gratifying one for your mom as well as the whole family!

  19. you should be a proud daughter today. patience always pays off. glad you shared your moments.

  20. Thats one rocking show..congrats to your mom, she looks so natural and cool..thanks for sharing this wonderful moment with us....does she come in any other channal too, that we can watch

  21. No wonder you are so talented! I saw the video..but understood nil...

  22. Your mom looks so lovely! Thank you for sharing this video with us (and that delicious recipe too).

  23. Great news Namratha. Good for her I will watch it after I comment. Looks like great dishes, no wonder cooking is on your blood!:))
    We do gat Kannada channel in Dish Network, don't have it here except B4U.Tell her "good job" from me!:)

  24. Congratulations Namratha!
    I could understand the video.I liked the dal recipe as it is loaded with nutrition .

  25. WOW! Thats so cool.. I saw the whole video n she looked so calm n composed. Congrats!!!
    the dish looks yummy!!

  26. You must so proud of her, Namratha! Can see where u get your love of cooking from.:-)
    Thanks for sharing.:)

  27. I am sure you were really proud watching her cooking in TV.
    I also watched the clip her cooking the dal and i don't know Kannada.
    You mom looks a natural in TV. It is like she have been doing her whole life cooking in TV.
    The dal looks so good.

  28. Thanks Siri dear, will let her know :)

    Thanks Lavaanya, I sure am proud of her :) Will post the recipe for kheer soon.

    Thanks Sig, mom will be pleased to hear that!! :)

    Thanks Meera, glad you could stop by too.

    It sure was Mishmash:)

    Thanks Lavanya, I sure am proud of mom!:)

    Thanks Valli, no dear, she was on this show only once..and only on this channel

    :) Glad you watched it Rachel, though you don't understand the language.

    Thanks Nupur:)

    Thanks Asha dear, will let her know for sure:)

    Thanks Madhavi

    Thanks Suman:)

    I sure am T, thank you!:)

    Thank you so much Happy, ya we were all very proud to watch her and felt good that she has done such a wonderful job being the first time :)

  29. it's great to be able to see your mom, namratha. she looks so calm and assured. thanks for sharing this video.

  30. wow!! that is great nams! it must be such a proud feeling for you na!:)

  31. Thanks Bee, appreciate your stopping by :)

    It sure is Mansi :) She is a star for us now...hehehe :D

  32. I like the format of this cooking show far more than Iron Chef! Very calm and relaxing.

    Namratha, thank you for sharing your lovely daal recipe and the video of your lovely mom.

  33. Please convey my congratulations to your mom...she was so natural

  34. hi Namratha.....

    This is Rachana writing to u from Cyprus. It has been just 6 months that i got married n flew to Cyprus with my hubby. I had never cooked before i got married and after i came in here it was really a challenging job....i need to thank god that nothing has went wrong in cooking till date. One of my friend told me about this site n from that day i have been looking in this for various recipes..... beleive me that i have tried a few and everything has come out really well.... recently i saw ur post on punjabi malai daal...i also saw that ur mom was on TV. I had tried that recipe today and it came out really well... My hubby liked it too.....thnk u.... keep up the good job... ur posts are helping newly married one's a lot.... bye n take care.

    Rachana M K

  35. hey, just saw the clip and it was so good, please convey my congrats to ur mom! You must be so proud of her.

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    do try a visit on my blog as well
    i am sure u won't regret
    my very own great indian desi dhaba



  37. hi Nams..
    nice video:) your mom is very talented..and you too! I bet even my mom would be interested in viewing this video..thanks:)

  38. Namratha, wht a proud moment for u it must have been..Ans ur bro recorded the whole thing for u, how nice..I know kannada, so was very nice to see and follow the whole thing and see ur mom explain it so well..

  39. I was intrigued by your "mom on tv" listing and had to check it out! Your mom is a pretty lady and the dish looks delicious! Will be sure to try it. I hope she ahs made more apprearances on TV since & we get to see more videos! :)


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