Spicy Oven Fries and Hash Browns:

You all know what this post is gonna be about, the title says it all! :) It’s all about the delicious, versatile and can’t do without veggie (atleast for me!) -- the POTATO!

It is the International Year of the Potato, so let's dig into all the spuds we can! Look at some of the varieties available, here.

I won’t waste more time in endless jabber and get to the recipes right away. Fries and hash browns are my favourite foods whenever we eat out. I’ve made fries many times but the hash browns, this was the first.

Hash Browns

This is a very simple and easy to make dish with only a few ingredients. It makes for a lovely breakfast .

You will need:

I large Russet/Idaho potato peeled and grated (about 1 cup)

1 tbsp Oil

1 tbsp Sour cream

Chopped scallions for Garnish

Salt and pepper

Heat a wide pan with ½ tbsp oil in it. Add the grated potato and using a flat wide spatula press it into a flat even pancake. You can go all the way to the ends of the pan or stop right near the edges. Cook on low heat till one side is completely cooked and crisped about 5 minutes. Flatten as it cooks so that the grated potato binds well. Drizzle remaining oil on the other side while one side is cooking. When the underside is done, you should be able to lift the entire cake with one lift of your wide spatula. Flip, and let cook for another 5 minutes. This ensures the potato is cooked through and at the same time a golden crispy crust is created.

Slide onto a serving plate when done, season with salt and pepper while its still hot. Top with sour cream and chopped scallions. Serve.

Spicy Oven Fries

You will need:
2 large Russet potatoes
Salt and pepper
2 tsps Chilli powder
3-4 tbsp Olive oil

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F.

Peel potatoes and cut into half-inch thick slices (lengthwise) cut again into 1/2-inch thick fries. Place the potatoes into a pot with cold water and 1 tsp of salt. Bring up to a gentle boil and simmer until a knife tip goes through easily. Cook about 3/4 of the way through.

Drain carefully and put in a bowl. Add olive oil, 1 tsp salt, 1/2 teaspoon black pepper. Toss well and lay out in 1 layer on a nonstick baking sheet. Bake until well-browned and crisp. Remove from oven, and toss with chilli powder. Serve hot with Ketchup or Ranch dressing (hubby’s favourite)

Hashbrowns and Spicy Oven Fries are my entry to the following events (yeah, there’s more than one!)

"The Potato Feast" hosted by Dhivya at the Culinary Bazaar

"An Ode to the Potato" hosted by Sia at Monsoon Spice

"The Potato - A Blog Event" hosted by Alex at Eating Leeds (Sending in the Hash Browns)

And it has been raining awards in the blogosphere of late, and another one has come my way. Sandhya has passed on the Excellence Award to me, thanks dear!! :)

I would love to pass it on to:

Rajitha of Hunger Pangs
TBC of the The Budding Cook
Laavanya of Cookery Corner


  1. Namratha, fries look so good and crunchy :)

  2. Love both of these simple, delicious recipes! :) Nice entries!

  3. Mouth-watering and simple! Can't wait to make the hash browns this weekend

  4. The potato is one of my favorites! It can do just about anything and your hash browns and fries look perfect!

  5. The fries look perfect Namratha and I love hashbrowns too! :) Perfect with sourcream indeed.
    Congratulations on your well-deserved award and thank you so much for passing it onto me!! Am totally thrilled.

  6. Wow, the potato cake looks divine. Thanks for recipe....I am definitely going to add it to my menu rotation!


  7. Love fries and HB's.:-)
    I've never tried making HB's though...I wonder why! it's so simple.:-)

    Congrats and thanks!:-)

  8. fries in the oven, lovely :)

  9. both the dishes look so lovely

  10. The oven fries look so crispy... Have you tried fries with mayonnaise? That is my favorite combo.. :) Congrats on the award Namratha!

  11. Enjoy your award!:)

    I love both of these, I add cheese too on fries! Looks delicious Namratha! You can see Chocolate Crepes at FH today!:)

  12. Looks awesome... French fries looks crisp and crunchy..

  13. both look delicious! i've never thought to boil the potatoes first and then bake, this should really cut down on oven time.

  14. I like hash browns, but i love those oven fries they look so good

  15. 3 in 1 sounds good ;)
    fries look so crisp, i too make my oven fries this way with varied spices.
    congrats on the award.

  16. i just have to grab few fries from the screen. they look crisp and delicious. thanks dear for wonderful entries :)
    and enjoy ur award:)

  17. both dishes are lovely..specially i love fries,i usually do oven fries....congrats on the award....

  18. Hellooo,

    Congrats hudgi...award mele award :o)

  19. those look wicked. fantastic dishes.

  20. Thanks Sreelu, they were crunchy and yummy:)

    Thanks Kalai:)

    Thanks Pooh, glad to have you over:)

    Thanks Meeso and you are so right..potatoes are a must have in out house :)

    Thanks Lavaanya and its my pleasure dear:)

    Thanks Megan,glad you stopped by:)

    Yup Hash Browns are easy and taste Wow! My pleasure dear T:)

    Yo Nags, making it a teeny weeny bit healthy :D

    Thanks E:)

    Oh yeah Sig, love it with Mayo too, but after Ranch :D Thanks dear!

    Thanks Asha dear, I am basking in the awards' glory :P Ohhh, looking fwd to the crepes!! :)

    Thanks Anu:)

    It sure does Alpa, glad to have you over:)

    Thanks Happy:)

    Thanks Richa, glad you make them too:)

    Oh thanks Sia dear, it was my pleasure to participate:)

    Thanks Remya:)

    Thanks Raki dear!:) Hmm award mele award :D

  21. Namratha, fries look so crunchy and delicious...

  22. You got me with that fries!

    Before that congrats on the award :) well deserved of course. njoy!

    I havent tried hash brown yet. The list of those which I havent tried suddenly seems to be on a ridiculous high in last one month! And the "humble" me thought that she had it almost all covered with potatoes - potato crazy that she is :)
    Good one Namratha...Thanks for sending them my way :)

  23. Thanks Sandhya:)

    Thanks dear Dhivya...hehe I'm sure you will get around to these dishes :D

  24. love those homemade fries namratha

  25. love your potatoe versions...

  26. I'll have the oven-fries, thank you.

  27. The hash browns look lovely - so much tastier (and no doubt healthier) than any out of a packet!


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