After the tryst with delicious tea infused Channa curry, I knew the dish would be incomplete without Baturas to go with it. So, I made some!

You will need:

2 Cups Maida (All Purpose Flour)

Salt to taste

2 tbsp Oil

4 tbsp Yoghurt

Milk as required

Oil for frying

Mix the flour with the oil, salt yoghurt and milk as required to form a soft non-sticky dough. Cover and keep aside for atleast 2-3 hours.

Knead gently to make a smooth dough. Divide into equal sized balls. Roll out the balls into flat rounds. Make the size which will fit the vessel you are going to fry the Baturas in. Typically Baturas are anywhere between 10”-12” in diameter. My kadai at home is not that big hence I made smaller Baturas.

Heat oil on medium heat and lower the rolled Batura into the hot oil. Gently press the Batura down with the help of your spatula, this allows the Batura to puff up well. After a minute or so slowly flip to brown the other side. Drain on paper towels and serve hot with Channa curry, a wedge of lime and sliced onions.


  1. Oh Batura, i never made at home, i will try ur recipe. I looks so yum with Channa dear :)

  2. our maid, Mary, makes the best batturas! I think she uses the same method :)

  3. Last night, I went looking for bhaturas in restaurants, was unlucky, had to eat dosa and ootappam instead! Yours look really nice and light!

  4. Yummy combi...i always go for this when i eat outside..

  5. as sra said..last night..i was also tempted with this chole batura..yours batura looks so soft namratha..

  6. Wow...chole bhature...looks delicious!!!

  7. That's a delicious plate of food...I love chole baturas...both eating and making them :-)

  8. Our Sunday lunch was Chole Batura too, loved it. Your's looks yummy too, always a pleasure to see and eat this combo. I will post mine when come back in May!:)

  9. That looks perfect! I love it !!

  10. Lovely Baturas! Yummy!

  11. Bhature and Channa what more can one ask.
    It is ages since i made bhatture.

  12. Man, it's been ages since I had this! Yours looks delicious, Namratha. Will try this out soon! :)

  13. Mmmmm, Yummy...I love this bread so much but don't eat it often enough!

  14. bad girl trying to ruin our dieting resolutions. we will not succumb. :D

  15. Thanks Cham!:)

    Hey that;s cool Nags :D

    Oh poor u Sra, you should have headed right over here :)

    Same here E, it's irresistible isn't it? :)

    Thanks Lavi, you should have come over too ;)

    Thanks homecooked and Sunita:)

    Thanks Asha, see ya soon!

    thanks Raks and Uma:)

    So true Happy, go ahead and make these :)

    thanks Kalai, do try it :)

    Thanks Meeso..where u been? :)

    Hehe Bee, :D I told ya earlier, I am the bad unhealthy girl :P

  16. those bhaturas look so homely, not the huge gigantic ones you get in restaurants! I NEVER order them as I m terrified by their size:)

    yours look cute Namratha:) hope you find time to make something for WBB-Balanced Breakfasts event too that I'm hosting this month:)D

  17. I have a weakness for Chole Bhaturas! This looks so good Namratha. Have to try it at home someday...

  18. When ever I make baturas they are very hard and crisp. Can u please suggest me the method to make soft baturas. Normally I knead the maida flour only with curd without using water, add salt, baking powder or soda and ferment it for at least 10 hours. When I fry in oil, the baturas are very crisp. I make the balls and make the batura with layers. still when ever I make, they are very brittle. I love baturas and please help me to make soft baturas

  19. @ Pratap, Bathuras need to be rolled only once and not very thin. Also there is no need for layers, that is the reason yours are turning out crisp. Roll them out once into a circle, dredge in flour (maida) while rolling and fry immediately.

    You can also try the recipe given here, it will yield soft bathuras that puff up beautifully.

    Hope this helps!


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