MBP- Banana Latte Smoothie:

When Sig urged us to get drunk on cocktails and drinks from other blogs (well, she didn't say that exactly :P), I couldn’t fall behind and pass up this opportunity:-D I was high on another kind of drink over at The Budding Cook.

I used the original recipe except skipped the vanilla.

You will need:

2 Bananas

1 Cup Coffee (1 cup Milk+ 1 ½ tsps instant Coffee powder)

1 Cup Cold Milk

2 tbsps Yoghurt

Sugar as required

Blend all ingredients till smooth. Chill and serve.

We agree T, it surely can't get simpler than this :) We loved the smoothie!!!

This is off to “Monthly Blog Patrol – Mixed Drinks”, an event started by Coffee of the Spice Café and hosted by lovely Sig of Live to Eat.


  1. Simple ingredient too ... Looks really Yum with coffee.

  2. that is a quick preparing , refreshing smoothie..

  3. delecious smoothi namratha

  4. Sounds inviting Nams:)

  5. I'm not v well up on smoothies, but this seems to be the first time I came across a bananan-coffee combination. Intriguing!

  6. Liked the combo of coffee and banana. Your drinks looks refreshingly delicious

  7. I love smoothies and this is a very nice one :-)

  8. Great combo. Chilled coffee with Banana, excellent!:)

  9. Looks yummy.
    I love the glass too.

  10. Coffee in a smoothie... now that is a perfect breakfast... Thanks for the entry Namratha!

  11. Lovely entry for MBP.
    seeing your entry reminded me of making something now for MBP. thanks for that too :) .

  12. Glad u liked it.:-)

    I made a smoothie too(from another blog) for our weekend BF but the pic is really bad and I don't know if I should post it.:-(
    Maybe I'll try out something else...

  13. wow, the smoothie looks yum!

  14. Namratha.. i remember this now.. this was among the initial posts by TBC. Thanks for reminding me.. Looks yummy!

  15. smoothie looks yummy & easy to make.

  16. I love that this is made with more milk than yogurt, and coffee and banana, yum!

  17. coffee & banana in one, that sure sounds yum :)

  18. Oh this does look yummy and what a great looking glass :)

    Rosie x

  19. Lovel smoothies! Looks lovely!

  20. Thanks Cham, its yummy with coffee:)

    Thanks E, do try it.

    thanks Divya :)

    thanks Sagari:)

    It sure is Mansi dear :)

    :) Nags

    Wonderful isn't it Sra,when I saw this one I had to try it!

    Thanks Jayasree :)

    Thanks Sunita:)

    Thanks Asha :)

    thanks H, yup bought the glasses recently..had to show them off :D

    It sure is Sig, thanks!! and my pleasure sending it in:)

    Haha, thanks Pooja...better get down to doing yours :)

    Ohh I loved it T, was simply too yummy :) I'm surely gonna be making it more often. And the pic is perfect, saw it on your blog...

    Thanks Uma:)

    yup it is Laavi, glad you liked it too :)

    Thanks Trupti:)

    Yup Meeso dear, the yoghurt just adds a little bit of tang, you can hardly notice it though :)

    It sure is Richa dear :)

    Thanks Rosie dear :)

    Thanks Raks! :)


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