Fondant Cake

My first try at a Fondant cake at class, as always we were allowed to choose our colours for the cake as well as the decorations.

This is a Basic Yellow Cake covered in Green Fondant, decorated with buttercream frosting.

The course we are doing now is all about Fondant and Gumpaste. So more fondant cakes to follow! :)


  1. Hi Namrata,thats an excellent colour you have choosen.Very neat decoration. I am getting inspired by ur decoration to join the classes soon.

  2. Wow, that's one great looking cake. Kudos!

  3. Lovely Colourfull cake namratha..
    great treat to my eyes.

  4. You are killing me with your beautiful creations! ( of course in a good way! )

    I have been meaning to do this cake decoration for a looong while and I took my first baby steps with Party Cake I made few days back. Hopefully will continue to try and of course come to ur blog oft and on for inspirations :)

  5. Beautiful colour Dear :) U ve lots of passion 4 decorating 2 Nam.

  6. The cake is so nice, and the color is perfect for spring!

  7. Wow...looks good.Even I took this class last mth but I am finding it difficult to cover the cake with fondant.I tried twice and both times it tore :( I guess I have to practise more.

  8. Namratha
    That cake looks so heavenly!!

  9. love the green!! looks good..

  10. The Cake Look awesome ...beautifully decorated :)

  11. This is one stunning cake Namratha!! Just love the green colour and look at those flowers - beautiful :)

    Rosie x

  12. Beautifully decorated cake namratha...

  13. Rock! That's an awesome start to fondant cakes :)

  14. Cake looks awesome namratha!!

  15. did you eat it all? it looks awesome?

  16. Congratulations on your first fondant cake namratha. Looks really cool, Happy cake making!

  17. Thats really wonderful.Nice colour with good art work :-)

  18. Beautiful! Lovely color...

  19. hi...found your space thru homecooked. just had to tell you, the cake look yummmmmmmmmmmmy!

  20. Thanks Dhivya:)

    Thanks Pearls, you really should join these classes, they are totally worth it! :)

    Thanks Uma:)

    Thanks Lavi :)

    Hehe, you still alive then? :D You got a good start D, go ahead and join these classes if you can. I would be more than glad to inspire :)

    Thanks Cham dear :)

    So true Meeso,didn't think of that! :)

    Ohh, don't worry Homecooked, it just takes a little practice. Fortunately this one turned out ok, lets see how my next one fares :)

    Thanks Noel, glad to have you over :)

    Thanks Arundati :)

    Thanks Richa dear :)

    Thanks Divya :)

    Thanks Rosie!! :)

    Thanks Kamala:)

    Thanks Kay:)

    Thanks Madhavi :)

    Hehe, nah I didn't Bee, just the look of it had me filled :P thanks! :)

    Thanks Ms:)

    Thanks Annu:)

    Thanks Sig :)

    Thanks Mandira, glad you stopped by :)

    Thanks E:)

    Thanks Rachel :)

  21. Lovely cakes:) I took the Wilton classes too! They taught me so much!


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