It was a wonderful start to the New Year yesterday with more catering orders, hence a hectic day!!! Inspite of all the other cooking, I could slip in a few traditional dishes to celebrate Ugadi. Hope all of you had a wonderful one too!

As promised, here is the recipe for Kargadabu.

You will need:

For the Filling:

3/4 cup Tuar dal
3/4 cup fresh coconut gratings
1/2 Cup Jaggery powdered
1/2 tsp cardamom powder

Outside Layer:

1/2 cup Fine Sooji (Chiroti Rava)
A pinch of salt
2 tsps oil
Water as required

Mix the above three into a bread crumb like consistency. Then add water and mix into a soft dough. Let sit for an hour.

Meanwhile cook Tuar dal with 2 Cups water (or as required)on stove top, till Tuar dal splits on the edges and is soft to the touch. Do not overcook as this will hamper the texture of the filling. Drain Tuar Dal. Grind this with coconut and jaggery to a smooth paste in a blender. Use as less water as possible. Transfer to a non stick pan and saute for a couple of minutes till the mixture tightens and becomes thick. Add cardamom powder and fry till fragrant. The mixture should be thick enough to be shaped into balls. If it is not, continue to fry on medium heat, stirring continuously till you achieve the desired consistency.

To make the Kadabus:

Tuar Dal filling (prepared as above)
Sooji dough
Oil for frying
Kadabu mould (if available)

Divide sooji dough into balls, the size of a whole Hazelnut. Roll out using a rolling pin. Dust with flour if required. Place this on the inside of a Kadabu mould. Place about a tablespoon of filling on one side. Moisten all around the dough using water. Close the mould shut and press. This should seal the Kadabu, remove excess. Repeat with all the dough.

If you don't have a Kadabu mould on hand, all you have to do is shape the dough into balls, roll into small flats. Place the filling on one half of the circle, close shut using water and pressing the sides to form a crescent. Using a mould helps make all the Kargadabus one size, but its ok to do it without a mould too.

Heat oil in a deep pan.Add kadabus one at a time and fry on both sides till light brown.

Serve immediately. These need to be refrigerated if not consumed on the same day, since the filling has coconut in it, it is perishable.

The rest of the festival platter

Click on Dish name for Recipe:

Tuar Daal Rasam/ Holige Saaru
Lime Rice/Chitranna
Beans Palya
White Rice & Papads

The same filling can be used to make Obbattu/Holige.

Steamed Kadabus are here.


  1. Wonderful sweet , hope u had a wonderful Ugadi Nam :) Thanks 2 share the recipe ...

  2. Happy Ugadi Namratha.Deliiiicious sweet.

  3. nice pics..n the sweet looks yum..

  4. those kargadabus look yummy, Namratha! We call them Kajjikayalu in Telugu. we add the mixture of dalia+coconut+sugar to it. Happy Ugadi.

  5. Karagadabus looks Yum and the ugadi lunch too..Happy Ugadi

  6. I sure did Cham, thanks! :)

    Thanks Kamala and Divya:)

    Thanks Uma, yup we call them that in Telugu too...I am not a fan of only coconut filling and like the daal one better :)

    Thanks Rupa, a very Happy Ugadi to you too! :)

  7. Hey namaratha, sweets looks so sweet:))

  8. We make this snack here too but I never knew the name, thanks for sharing the recipe.

  9. oh wow!!! Kargadubu!!! the name itself makes me feel so good! Whole of my family calls this dish kargadubu.. But when I got married, I was surprised that Naveen had never heard of this name!! I came across so many people after that who didnt seem so familiar with the name... infact, not even one person seemed to know. they all called it Karjikai or some thing. your post made me nostalgic!!! btw, I needed some info from you.. Could you pass on your email id or something where I could mail you?? thanx...

  10. Kargadabu looks great...bookmarked it

  11. Looks good....hope you had a happy ugadi.

  12. The outer layer is made with suji. I was sirprised to know about it.
    I would love to have few of them

  13. whata a wonderful spread u have there namratha. wishing u and ur loved ones a very happy Ugadi:)

  14. everything looks delecious namratha

  15. Namratha,

    That is one yummy Thali. Looks like your family had a royal treat on Ugadi day :)

    Your Kargadabu ( we call it Karanji in Marathi) has come out perfect.

  16. We have a very similar sweet called somaasi in Tamil. Yours are perfect and that thali looks fantastic! Hope you had a great Ugadi! :)

  17. Oooh, we call this sweet karanji! Looks sooooo YUM! i love karanji!
    The thali is so very appetising!!

  18. looks soooo neat namaratha ,we call them as kudumulu

  19. Kargadabu looks yummy...

    Rosie x

  20. Thats one of my fav sweet dish. we call it kadabu in karanataka.We use chana dal instead of tur dal. Should try this tur dal version:)
    U have a nice blog Nam!


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