Tiered Cake

Last Tuesday was the end of Course 3 of the Wilton Cake Decorating Class. With every class I feel so much more confident and pleased with the techniques I've learned. Course 3 was all about Fondant cakes.

Fondant is nothing but a mixture of Sugar and water, cooked till it forms a dough. The texture is a little stiffer than regular play dough. More info on Fondant

Though its only sugar and water, after all the processing, the taste somehow appeals only to a few. As my instructor says, "you either like it or you don't"..no two ways about it.
I am still deciding whether I like it or not :-D

During the course we learned how to make Fondant Roses and leaves, more Royal Icing Flowers like the Morning Glory, Poinsettia and the Easter Lilies. In the last class of the course we were taught how to assemble tiered cakes. We were allowed to bring cakes covered in Fondant or only buttercream (frosting). I did mine with frosting and used Royal Icing Flowers to decorate the cakes.

Royal Icing Flowers (Apple Blossoms) and String work
Easter Lilies made with Royal Icing

The lower cake was two 10 inch cakes and the top one was two 6 inch cakes. Don't ask me what I did with these cakes!!!! :D

The next course starts today, so more cakes to come!


  1. Hey Namratha,

    Mouth drooling cake photos,Such a lovely cake :))

  2. Bring it on girl, those cakes are so tempting.

  3. the cake is looking beautiful.The decorations are awesome

  4. Its such a great feeling to be able to do this right! I'm gonna try finding one of these classes soon..as soon as I find some time:)D

  5. Wow..they look great..the flowers look pretty..

  6. Wow!! It looks so professional. Wonderful job, Namratha.

  7. Wow, wonderful job, they are awesome. I love the details and the pretty colour Nam :) Good continuation...

  8. Namratha, this is so professional looking. Wilton classes are such fun

  9. Namratha, this is so professional looking. Wilton classes are such fun

  10. Namratha, that looks awesome :-)...I, personally don't prefer the taste of fondant that much, though I do love working and modelling with it...it's real fun :-)

  11. so, what did u do wil ALL those cakes, N ;D

    very pretty!

  12. hi namratha!!!thats one beautiful cake!!!so professionally done!!keep up the good work:)

  13. wooohoo, she's so tall! i wanna sort of put my hands underneath so she doesn't fall :) that's such a wonderful accomplishment, wow! Are the top flowers fondant?

  14. Wow...beautiful cakes!!!! Look real professional!

  15. Hi Namratha.
    Very meticulouliy done.Really appricieate the efforts.
    I am also a fan of baking and I love to see cakes baked. I saw ur cake colomn,awesome!!!!!!!!!

  16. Absolutely gorgeous!! Awesome cake! :)

  17. beautiful cake. Lovely decorations.

  18. Wow..what a beautiful cake..Liked the decoration

  19. wonderful cakes namratha ...keep goingggg

  20. Thanks Madhavi:)

    More coming Hima:)

    Thanks Kamala:)

    Absolutely Mansi, you really should make time for this...its well worth it :)

    Thanks Divya:)

    Thanks Meera :))

    Thanks dear Cham! :)

    Thanks Sreelu...you bet...they are way more fun and fulfilling than I thought.

    Thanks Sunita :) Oh yes, it makes cake decorating so much more easier and perfect ;) I still think I might not like the taste, esp after it has hardened... :-I

    Hehe, the forbidden question Richa :D Thanks!! :)

    Thanks Ranji, glad to have you over :)

    Haha, thanks Alpa...and trust me I felt like holding on to it all the time, I had this strange feeling that it would topple :D

    Thanks Homecooked:)

    Thanks Dhivya:)

    Thanks Suman.... :D

    Thanks Pearlsofeast..glad you like to bake too..pleasure to have you over :)

    Thanks Kalai:)

    Thanks Uma:)

    Thanks Rupa:)

    Thanks Sagari:)

  21. Very Professional Looking Cake Namratha.. I wish I could be in your batch in Wilton class..(just to eat all what you make)

  22. wow!! this looks so beautiful and i am sure you spent a lot of time on it!! but look at what you made!! its fabulous!!

  23. Very professional and mouthwatering cakes

  24. The apple blossoms and lillies look so beautiful... Nice job Namratha.. I know you said not to ask but really what did you do with all those cakes?? :)

  25. Stunning 'dear' Namratha!! What an awesome cake and photo's breath taking :)

    Rosie x


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