Mexican Feast

I fell in love with Mexican food the very first time I tried it. Everything about what I had was perfect and I knew I would be eating a lot more Mexican food than I thought. Better still was when I tried some of my restaurant favourites at home.

Santa Fe Wraps and Classic Mexican Salsa

Santa Fe Wraps

Classic Mexican Salsa

Enchiladas with Salsa Verde, Spicy Black Beans & Mexican Salsa

Enchiladas with Salsa Verde

Spicy Black Beans

Mexican Salsa

Cheese and Onion Enchiladas with Black Bean and Corn Salsa

All these dishes are off to A Worldly Epicurean’s Delight – In short A.W.E.D”, an event hosted by DK of Culinary Bazaar. This month’s event theme is Mexican cuisine. The aim of this event is to give us a chance to explore cuisines of the world, way beyond the cuisines of our own region, state or country. And that's just what I've done! :)


  1. thats one awesome Mexican Feast, as u said Namratha. all of them look so gud and yummy. Great entry.


  2. WOW!.... That was a wonderful spread of mexican food... Looks YUM!...

  3. Awesome spread here..Love those black beans and enchiladas..

  4. Wow, wow wow, Nam what is this? Look like i am visiting a mexican restaurant :) Lovely spread...

  5. Simply Delicioso Namratha. I have something for u, check my blog!!!

  6. Lovely array of mexican treats!

  7. Lovely spread for the event

  8. So many mouth watering recipes,gr8!!!Love Mexican food.

  9. thats one yummmmmmmmmmmmy them all namratha...

  10. OMG! Now ppl dont have to go to Mexican Restaurant anymore. You have bought the restaurant menu to the table. This is perfect. Every dish is worth a gold mine. Thanks Bunch for sending it to the event. :)

  11. Mouth watering spread, Namratha!! Each dish looks divine! :)

  12. What a delicious spread you've got. Delicious. I too love Mexcian food.

  13. Excellent!! Great post, showcases almost everything yummy about Mexican cuisine.Great job!:)

  14. I like the idea of exploring and tasting cuisine from different countries. There are some wonderful vegetarian recipes to try from around the world.

  15. You do have some amazing mexican recipes Namratha! :) Was checking out all the beautiful cakes you made while I was on break - awesome.

  16. I love those Santa Fe Wraps...and fresh salsa is the best isn't it? Homemade version of restaurant favs. is such a treat.

    have a lovely weekend.

    cheers, trupti
    The Spice Who Loved Me

  17. Everything looks really good, I love the salsa verde!

  18. nammu..all ur recipes are delicious..and those cakes in the last post..cute!

  19. WOW what a great Mexican Feast laid before our eyes - just excellent!!

    Rosie x

  20. Iam a great fan of mexican food... and u simply made my day Iam feasting on them with my eyes... yumm.. the enchiladas look so good...:)

    First time in your blog... and i loved it.... do visit my blog too... would love to have ur comments...:)

  21. Thanks Siri:)

    Thanks Sukanya:)

    Thanks Maya, glad to have you over :)

    Haha, thanks Cham dear:)

    Thanks Madhavi :)

    Thanks Rachel:)

    Thanks E:)

    Thanks Hetal, glad to know you like Mexican food too, makes two of us! :)

    Thanks Ranji:)

    :):) Thanks DK, hmm maybe you are praising this more than its worth :D

    Thanks Vanamala :)

    Thanks Kalai :)

    Thanks Meera:)

    Thanks Asha :) I can never get enough of Mexican food :P

    There sure are Anjali :)

    Thanks Laavi dear:) Good to see you back!

    Thanks Trupti:)

    Thanks Meeso, hmm salsa verde is our fav too :)

    Thanks Rajitha dear :)

    Thanks Rosie :)

    Thanks Shubha,pleasure to have you over :)


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