Happy Gowri and Ganesha habba!

It’s festival time again and that means time to make all those delicious festive goodies.

Back home in India, it’s a tradition to buy the Gowri and Ganesha idols made out of mud or plaster of paris. Here, it’s almost impossible to find these idols and even if we do find some, the idols are too big. So I decided to make the idols at home this time, out of play clay. Two of my friends have been doing it since a few years and I saw their work last year. That was an inspiration and I gave it a try.

Gowri Idol


Gowri habba oota (lunch):

Lime Rice with lima beans, Moong Dal and Carrot palya, Rice, Obattu/Holige Rasam(Saaru) and Obattu.

My aunt was here a couple of weeks ago and she taught me how to make Obattu. Last year I made them with instructions from mom over the phone and also with memories of how I had seen mom make them. They turned out well but not as good as the ones I had eaten at home. This year, with a demo from aunt, these were easy to make and turned out far better too.

Ganesha habba:

Idlis, Chutney and Steamed Kadabus

We usually make Bell pepper gojju to go with the idlis, but this time I made coconut chutney. More steamed varieties here.

Hope all of you had a wonderful festival too!


  1. I love Kadubu! Could not make it today...i miss kadubu and my Mom's kitchen on Gauri/Ganesha habba!!!

  2. Mmmmmm, food all looks too yummy!!!

  3. Love ur deco, Happy Ganesha Chadurthi Nam :)

  4. everythin lookin good,..specially the handmade idols,..:-)nice deocration too,..happy ganesha chaturthi to u an ur family...enjoy,..

  5. Happy Vinayaka Chaturthi dear:))Everything looks awesome and lovely .Love Handmade idols...Love deco......

  6. Happy Ganesha Chadurthi :)

    Wonderful decorations and food!

    Rosie x

  7. Gowri Ganesha bahala chennagi madidira Namratha..holige suuuper! Idli, kadubu chutney..aaaha..awesome!

  8. hmm..Gowri, Ganesha are looking so beautifull namratha..Nice Neivedhyam's..modak has come out really good..

  9. that is a truly gorgeous spread, namratha.

  10. i loved your gowri n ganesha idol!

  11. Habbada oota looks really nice, Namratha! Happy belated Gowri habba & Ganesh Chaturthi.

  12. wow! yummy! the dish looking so good!
    Check out my blog for this moth event and do participate in it!

  13. To make the idols at home out of play clay is really inspiring for all of us too.
    Gowri habba oota & Steamed Kadabus are really mouth watering & yummy!!
    good inspiring post Namratha :-)


  14. nams,
    nice idols esp for first timer:)) loved the obbaatus, swalpa parcel maaDi :-)

  15. Gowri ganesha look so cute...nice job and nice spread for the festival


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