Happy Makara Sankranthi!

Wishing all my readers a very Happy Makara Sankranthi! The very first festival of the year is celebrated all over India with great pomp and fun fare. Each state has a way of celebrating this festival. In the South, in the state of Karnataka, Makara Sankranthi is celebrated by making varieties of Pongal and Ellu with Sakkare acchu.

I made the Ellu and the Sakkare Acchu (sugar candy) at home. I didn't make Pongal this time though.

Home- made Ellu ( a mixture of peanuts, dalia, toasted sesame seeds, dried coconut and jaggery bits)

Sakkare Acchu - molded sugar candy

Hope this year is a bountiful and prosperous one for all of you!


  1. Happy new year and happy Shankranthi, N! You made those here, looks yum. Beautiful colors too. Enjoy! :))

  2. Nice recipes. Sounds new to me...

    happy Shankranthi.....

  3. Those moulded sugar candies looks so beautifull.

  4. Oh wow, love the sugar candy is it mango flavor? Lovely and Happy Shankranthi Nam :)

  5. Sakkare Achchu has come out very nice Namratha. Happy Sankranti to you and family :)

  6. A very happy Sankranti to you and your family... The Sakkare Acchu look so cute and so different from the traditional shapes
    Lovey colour too

  7. Happy Sankranthi, Namratha! New recipes for me. They look festive! :)

  8. Happy Sankranthi to you too Namratha.Sakkare achhu looks beautiful..


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