Sweet Corn Veg. Soup

If you have eaten at an Indian restaurant which boasts of serving “Chinese” as well, then this is one item on the menu you probably wouldn’t have missed seeing.

No matter how many new soups the restaurant has on its menu, it’s always down to the tried and tested…the Sweet Corn Veg. Soup. A simple yet fulfilling soup, and a family favourite too.

With the temperatures fluctuating like crazy; one day its in the mid 60s (like yesterday) and on another its chilly in the low 40s, you can’t help but crave for comfort foods. And on a cold day there’s nothing more comforting than a bowl of hot soup. Better still, if it’s a favourite!!

You will need:

1 ½ cups Cream style corn

½ cup whole corn kernels (preferably canned,drained)

2 carrots, finely chopped

½ cup Green beans, chopped

½ tsp White pepper powder

Salt to taste

1/4 tsp Black pepper powder (we like it spicy!)

¼ tsp Ajino Motto (optional)

2 tsps Vinegar

1 tsp Soya sauce

2 tsps Corn flour (only if required)

Cook chopped beans and carrots in boiling water till done, about 6-7 minutes. To the same pot, stir in the cream style corn and the whole corn kernels. Add water if required. Stir in the white pepper powder, salt,black pepper,ajino motto (if using), vinegar and soy sauce. Bring to a boil.

The soup should be thick from the cream style corn. In case it’s very thin, dissolve the corn flour in a teaspoon of cold water, and add to the soup while stirring. This will thicken the soup. Check for seasoning and serve hot.

Serve it alongside extra soy sauce and vinegar with green chillies in it. These are common condiments served with Sweet Corn Veg. Soup.



  1. quick and simple :)

    i really wouldn't recommend ajo no moto though. heard so many horror stories about that ingredient!

  2. and whats that horror stories...........plz tell me,as i always use ajjeno motto in my chinese cooking

  3. Thanks Nags! Yup, I've heard those stories too, but only when you consume large quantities of AM, on a regular basis, you are in trouble. 1/4 tsp shouldn't really be a problem. But anyways, I've mentioned optional, so its not a must in this recipe.

    Mona, hope the above answers your question.

  4. This is so cool. Nice recipe. I have also posted my version a couple of months back. YUM!

  5. That is the way to keep up warm these days Nam. I never made sweet corn soup at home.

  6. Even I have never made it at home. Looks yummy.

  7. I love sweet corn soup too!!! I wish i could have a hot bowl of this soul right now..what else, with the temperature dipping and all the ice on the road...

  8. Simply superb! perfect pic too!!


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