Home-Made Ginger Garlic Paste

In most Indian cooking, the use of fresh ginger and garlic is indispensable. Either in the fresh whole form or in the paste form, a lot of dishes call for it.

Despite my mom’s constant advice to make my own ginger garlic paste at home, for as long as I can remember I have used only store bought jarred ginger garlic paste. It certainly was not the best (now I know) but still made do with it due to my laziness and long list of excuses why I wasn’t making the paste at home.

One fine day I landed up with a lot of fresh ginger and garlic in my pantry…how did that happen, you ask? Well let’s just say I relied on my memory rather than making a grocery list and decided to buy everything I thought I needed.

After a call to mom, some peeling and chopping and of course whirring, I had fresh Ginger and Garlic paste at home….the aroma was absolutely divine and I simply couldn’t stop sniffing at the paste….it was that good! With every sniff I vowed never to buy jarred paste again….never…naaaha!

I’ve used the paste in a lot of dishes and I must say, when its sautéing in the pan, you can’t wait for the dish to be made and to dig in! I’ll stop chattering now and get on to the recipe….err, well not so much of a recipe actually :)

You will need:

The key is to use equal amounts of fresh Ginger and Garlic…doesn’t matter which unit of measure you use.

100 gms Ginger, peeled and chopped

100 gms Garlic, peeled* and chopped

½ Cup Water (or as required)

1 tbsp Vinegar

* In India, the garlic pods are very small, and peeling the garlic is a tedious job. Mom usually removes the top most layer and gives the garlic a quick wash.She then pats them dry and uses them. Here in the US, peeling garlic is not such a big deal.

Place all of the above ingredients in the bowl of a food processor or in a blender, and blend till smooth to form a thick paste. The Vinegar acts as a preservative and the small amount doesn't alter the fresh taste of the paste.

Store in clean air tight jars in the refrigerator for 3-4 months. Use as required.

The few dishes I use Ginger Garlic paste in:

(Click for recipe)

Rice Dishes:

Jeera Rice

Methi Pulao

Corn & Methi Pulao

Mint Pulao

Vegetable Biryani


Channa curry

Matar Paneer

Alu Methi Dum

Rajma curry

Tomato Dum

Shahi Bell Pepper

Mmmm, all this talk of Ginger and Garlic, I’m off to make another aromatic dish!


  1. Even I buy store bought ginger garlic paste but use it only on rare occasions. For other times, I just grind or mince fresh ginger and garlic while cooking. Making a paste at home seems like a time-conserving idea!

  2. I've wanted to try making this, as I hate peeling and chopping every time I cook, and I don't like the strong smell of the jarred kind... I will give this a try!

  3. This is a very useful post. Enven i do it in the same way..... Nothing can beat the fresh flavor of ginger-garlic paste when fried in hot oil... YUM!

  4. Nice one Nams, I can smell the aroma of the paste :D ......
    I too prepare the same but never added vineger...this time will try...... :)

  5. I always believe in home made stuff..atleast we are aware of the ingredients which go into it :) Good Post.

  6. i too prepare in the same way as u have mentioned here nut wont add vinegar to it and i store in refrigerator!
    not only GG paste, homemmade items are alway good to our health too! i strongly believe it!

  7. I love this, so easy to add to dishes whenever you need it quickly. I bought a jar of ginger garlic paste and loving it. I prefer homemade, thanks for this post!

    Nams, I just read your comment. Go to Amazon and search for "Norpro Donut maker" and you will see it there, is about $15.
    Somebody also told me about Anjali brand "Medhu Vada Maker" which is lot better with small sput and fully steel too, may be your mom can ship you one from B'lore. I searched here in the web, couldn't find it one for me to buy!:)

  8. I too neve rbuy from the stores, i always make them fresh while i need the paste.

  9. Thats a very neat and convenient idea to make homemade GG paste Namratha.:))


  10. I am too lazy to make this at home too, and usually chop them fresh. I don't like the store bought ones cos they tend to have too much vinegar. And as you've said, I like the flavor from using equal amounts of both, thanks for the recipe Namratha.

  11. Beautiful and very useful post! I normally use fresh ginger but must try this out!

    Rosie x

  12. Thats interesting! I never tried storing them for long time.. every time i prepare fresh. Thanks for the tip! Now i can just add a teaspoonful of the paste whenever needed..

  13. Ya Nags, it is, and this home-made paste can be substituted for the minced ginger and garlic too. It imparts the same flavours, compared to what a store bought paste would do.

    Ahh then this is for you Meeso, the jarred paste is almost flavourless!

    Very true Sukanya, the aroma is tantalizing isn't it? :)

    Haha Gayathri, smells heavenly right? :D

    Righto Lakshmi, nothing beats home-made anything! :)

    I couldn't agree more Srilekha :)

    Thanks for the info Asha, I had read about the medhu vada maker too...lemme ask mom!

    Good thinking H! :)

    Thanks Siri! :)

    Thanks Priya :)

    Do try it Rosie, makes almost any dish flavourful.

    Absolutely Anu, hope you'll try it! :)

  14. I have always wanted to do this at home but was not sure of the measurements and was wondering if it can be stored for sometime. Thank you so much for this information Namratha.

  15. Hey Namratha..
    i have always made ginger garlic paste at home but i have never added vinegar to it.. could u please tell me why we add vinegar ?

  16. My pleasure Madhu :)

    Hi Kashish, vinegar is added as a preservative. And the amount specified in the recipe will not make the paste acidic (like in the jarred kind)

  17. I just smash the pods and the skin just fall off!!


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