Strawberry Ice-cream

Strawberries....mmmm, can't get enough of them! This summer has been great with a bounty of great tasting strawberries straight from the farm to my kitchen. I gorged on a lot of the berries, made strawberry jam with another lot and still had so much left over. I had to freeze them to keep them from going bad, it will come in handy when strawberries go out of season.

This is another ice-cream you can hand crank at home without a machine.

The mushy ones which I couldn't freeze went into making this strawberry ice-cream. After making Mango ice-cream at home I simply had to try strawberry ice-cream with fresh strawberries.

Strawberry Ice-cream

You will need: Makes about 3 quarts

1 ½ cup Milk

1 ½ tbsp Sugar

1 tbsp Strawberry Custard powder (substitute: Vanilla custard powder)

1 cup sweetened condensed milk

1 cup Fresh strawberry puree (fresh strawberries, washed and pureed)

1 cup Heavy whipping cream

1 tsp Strawberry extract

½ cup chopped frozen strawberries (don’t thaw)

Hand held electric beaters

Mix ½ cup of milk with 1 tbsp custard powder. Bring remaining milk and sugar to a rolling boil on medium heat. Turn down heat and then stir in the custard mix. Stir continuously for 4 minutes till the custard thickens and coats the back of your spoon. Remove from heat and let cool completely.

Meanwhile blend the sweetened condensed milk, strawberry puree, whipping cream and strawberry extract in a medium bowl (which will fit into your freezer)

The procedure to make the ice-cream is similar to the Mango ice-cream (click to see instructions) When you whip the mixture the final time, stir in the chopped frozen strawberry bits. Transfer mix to a plastic container and freeze for 6-8 hours or overnight.

The strawberry extract and the strawberry puree added a ton of flavour and I was really happy when the ice-cream smelled like strawberries :D The taste of course was undoubtedly strawberry-ey.


  1. Lovely pictures! So going strawberry picking over the weekend, will defn try and save enough to make this icecream.

  2. Temtping clicks and Perfect scoops, delicious!

  3. Yum, can you share a cone with me?

  4. Yummo! Best part is no eggs.. Love it

  5. sigh.. all the berries on the blogs from the 'west' make me drool each time! I think I should cook up stuff with the tropical fruits we get around here all the time :D

  6. upphhhhhhhhhhhhh..its been more than 3 months that the strawberry season is over here.. n u guys are tempting now with those yummy delicacies..saving this recipe for next year..:(

  7. wow!!this looks so much like the Baskin Robbins kinda stuff :) the whole set up looks so perfect!!
    clean and fool proof recipe there!!

  8. Oh my...looks so yummy...u r really tempting us clicks

  9. Gosh - that is just too darn tempting.


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