Turning two and still on…

It feels like it was only yesterday that I came upon a million food blogs which inspired me to start my own. It’s hard to believe this space turns two today and I must say it has been an incredible journey so far. I’ve made new friends, came upon a million more blogs and definitely learned to take better pictures!!

I watched the movie Julie & Julia a couple of days ago. It is a wonderful movie and you will surely enjoy it even more if you are a foodie. The movie inspired me in a strange way; I was in awe of Julie’s ability to get through 500+ recipes of Julia Child’s in a year’s time inspite of all the ‘meltdowns’ she has. And what struck me the most, well, it’s a coincidence – Julie starts her blog about Julie/Julia Project on Aug 13th, the very same date I started my blog two years ago. It just made me happy within, silly me! I couldn’t have watched the movie at a better time…

I would like to thank each and every one of you out there who has been reading my blog and leaving encouraging, suggestive and appreciative comments. Thank you for your emails from half way across the globe, which immensely justifies the hard work I’m putting into this space. I do hope you will continue to visit me.

Thank you all very much once again! Enjoy a chocolatey cupcake from me on this occasion. :)




  1. Happy birthday Finger lickin..!I am waiting for my blog to turn one atleast. It is way too tiny, not 6months old yet :|

  2. happy happy anniversary!

  3. Aww..so cute! Hey can you make that chocolate cake they made in that movie? WIth almonds in the side and they just gorged on it that one?

  4. Many many happy returns of the day!!!
    Hip hip hurray...hip hip hurray...:D

  5. Happy birthday fingerlickingfood... We love you..

  6. Happy blogiversary, Namratha! May you celebrate many, many, many more!

  7. Happy Birthday FLF:) Wishing you many more...

  8. Happy Blog Anniversary Namratha!!! Its a Great Julie and you starting the blog on same date:) Waiting to watch the movie:)

  9. Congrats on ur 2nd year achievement Nami. You are doing a wonderful job. Great recipes and great photos. :) Have fun and good luck!!

  10. Nams,happy birthday. I love your recipes and your blog. here is wishing you many many more yummy recipes to blog.

  11. wow!! 2 yrs!! Like you said.. it just feels like yesterday!

    Cheers to many more experiments and celebrations!!

  12. Happy 2nd Anniversary!!! You have shared so many delicious, beautiful recipes here. Hoping to see many more creations from your kitchen. Congrats Namratha & Best wishes :)

  13. Happy 2nd Anniversary Finger lickn..& u too Namratha..waiting for many more yummy recipes..Congrats and gudluck:-)

  14. Thanks My Experiments, I'm sure you will reach your milestone soon too :)

    Thank you very much Nags :)

    Oh SJ,I'm so dying to make that chocolate cake, still looking for the recipe...if I do will surely update here.

    Thanks Sonu!! :)

    Thanks Smitha :)

    Thank you very much Vani :)

    Thanksss Roops! :)

    Thanks Priti :)

    Thank you very much Lavi, do watch the movie, its very good.

    Hey thanks Shubhs!:)

    Thanks Sreelu, very glad to hear that. :)

    Yeah Suman, I can hardly believe I have so many posts in this blog, I had never imagined it would come this far. Thanks for your good wishes! :)

    Thank you very much Sreevidya! :)

    Thanks Vanitha! :)

  15. Happy second Blogiversary!! I'm really looking forward to seeing the movie myself! On another note, that chili baby corn below looks amazing. Yet another bookmark for me! YUM!

  16. Congrats on your milestone! Wishing you many more successes! Am really waiting to watch that movie. Lovely cute cupcake!!

  17. Congratulations, Namratha. May you have many more anniversaries.

  18. Congratulations and here's a wish for many, many, many more blog posts!


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