A weekend at the Smokys

This past weekend a few of our friends and us went to the Smoky Mountains, Tennessee and stayed at a cabin there. It was a fun filled weekend, with some adventurous incidents, the gorgeous snow and a very cozy cabin. Here are some pictures of the 'winter wonderland'.

Cabin Patio
The way to the cabin


  1. Very beautiful pics! indeed! :)

  2. Beautiful Pictures!

  3. Stunning pics is all wat I can say!

  4. Lovely pics! I LOVE the Smoky mountains, TN has got to be one of the most gorgeous places on earth! We went to a similar cabin in Gatlinburg last year.
    PS just an FYI - not sure if it is my browser, but when your page loads, the text runs into the header pictures...

  5. beautiful snaps... love the icicles...

  6. Awesome pics... Hope you had a great time!!!


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