About - Finger Licking Food

Hii there! I am Namratha, Indian by birth and residing in the USA, post marriage. I wasn’t into cooking or baking until three years ago when it kicked in…I come from a family of food enthusiasts, so it’s no surprise I would follow suit some day. I took an interest in blogging about what I made in my apartment kitchen back then, as a means to keep myself busy and document my recipes in one place.

Living in the USA has introduced me to cuisines from world over – Italian, Mexican, Thai, Chinese giving me an opportunity to explore and enjoy these cuisines.

My passion for baking goaded me to join the Daring Bakers, a group spread across the world, whose members bake one recipe a month and post it on their blogs on a specified date. I’ve learned techniques and tried recipes which I would never imagine pursuing on my own. I am certainly proud to be a Daring Baker.

If you don’t see any updates it’s because I have my hands full baking one-of-a-kind cakes for anyone who wants to jazz up their special occasion. You can check out my creations here: www.sweetnsensational.com

It’s been an incredible journey so far,and eagerly look forward to more as the years roll on. Grab your aprons, and try some finger licking good recipes. As I always, say finger licking is manners here, in my kitchen!

If you have any questions relating to my recipes or any content on this blog please feel free to contact me using the form below. Please include your email id in the body of the message as well. Thanks!