Beer Mug Cake - Finger Licking Food

I am enjoying my vacation here in India and time seems to be flying faster than I can possible imagine! Last month was my brother’s birthday and I had to bake him a cake…”had to” because it was an order from him even before I got here 🙂 I would have baked him one even if he hadn’t told me, ‘coz I’m always on the lookout for these occasions to create something different. This time I did a cake which looks like a Beer Mug. He is working with UB Spirits, so nothing else could have been more apt.

We had a small party at a restaurant with close family. Transporting the cake to the venue was nothing less than a herculean task! The cake was too tall to fit into any box and pretty heavy too. My mom was the ‘cake bearer’, and all along the way she almost held her breath for fear that the cake would topple..hehe! An experience she won’t forget! 🙂

My brother was thrilled to see the cake and I must say all the efforts were well worth it.