What are the best long term earthquake kits? - Finger Licking Food

It is always better to have a best earthquake kit available at your home. Not only in the earthquake, these kits also become useful in any civil unrest, tornados and major storms. Being prepared with an earthquake kit makes me feel the peace of mind as I will always be ready for any unexpected occurrence if it happens. Especially if you live in an area that prone to earthquakes like me.

However, you will not know how long you are trapped in the earthquake as it may take some time until the rescue team can find and help you. This is why I tents to choose long term earthquake kits. These long term kits also very essential if you use it for a family or a group of peoples.

#1 Wise 5-Day Survival Backpack

In the longer-term survival situations, you will want to need the kit with a lot of food packs to sustain you. This Wise 5-Day Survival Backpack provides 38 freeze-dried entrees and six pouches of water it is more than other average earthquake kits, offering you five days worth of hydration and food. Aside from water and food, this kit also comes with portable stove and supply of 24 fuel tablets and waterproof matches, which will help you easy cook the dried food packs

Additionally, the kit also offers 42-piece first aid kit for light injuries, wet naps, waste bags, etc. There are some survival items such as squeeze flashlight, survival whistle, dust mask, emergency poncho and Mylar blanket for the cold weather and rain. All of these things are fits into a camouflage backpack. The backpack even has enough room for a set of clothes. The padded straps of the backpack will add comfort if you need to carry it for hiking. You will have some other room due to the external pockets.

#2 Sustain Supply Co.-9-08420 Premium Family Emergency Survival Bag/Kit

If you have to be survived in a remote area, that means it hay hard for you to access to emergency services, drinking water, etc. In this situation. This Sustain Supply Premium Family Emergency Survival Bag is the good way that you can takes a backwood camping to survival. It not only provides you real food to eat but also the equipment you need to cook it such as a gas-powered portable stove and cookware. There are 24 serve food pack in this kit, It is enough foot for four people in three days. And if you have less people, this time would be longer.

Another important factor is water, it includes two 24-unit cartons of purified water. Besides, this kit provides a basic first aid kit, fire starters, a ferrocerium rod to make a fire, LED lanterns, glow sticks, emergency blankets as the warm source.

All these things come in a large backpack, which features adjustable straps and external pockets, so you can organize all the survival equipment and add some other essential things you need. The downside is that this kit is a bit heavier than other heavier survival kits on the market.

#3 Prepper’s Favorite: 72 Hr Survival Kit

What I like about the Prepper’s Favorite 72-Hour Earthquake Pack supplies is that it not provide you packing bags of water as other kits on the market, instead, it offer you a water filtration straw. Due to this, you can drink water from almost any water source. For such, this is one of the best kits for remote living.

The emergency survival rations of this kit have a lemon cookie flavoured, which provides 3,600 calories of energy, ensure you will keep going. The food is divided into nine portion sizes.

There is a pocket of first air that includes 52-piece first aid and guide, will help you treat with any minor injuries. You can build a fire by complete fire starting kit. You also can keep your body warm during the nigh by an emergency sleeping bag. Moreover, it comes with high-power 300-lumen flashlight and three glow sticks which can be a light source in the power outages situation. There are some other items will comes in useful in the survival life such as two multi-tools, knife, rain poncho, 50-foot coil of paracord, compass, safety pins, paper clips and even a notebook and pens.