What is the best mag fed paintball gun for beginner? - Finger Licking Food

Are you looking for the best mag fed paintball gun? There are various options which are bound to make you confused especially if you are a beginner. Hopefully, this article with my experience can help with that decision.

These mag fed paintball guns make the game of paintball more challenging for players. They are also not usually not recommended for beginners. But if you follow my guide and consider some factors below, you can easier determine which ones will suit you best even when you not have much experiences at the game of paintball.

#1 What are the important specification in a mag-fed paintball gun for beginner?

You should consider the weight, overall length, air system used, ability to utilize a standard hopper and also compatibility with first strike rounds or shaped paintballs.

As the newbie, you do not need the heavy mad fed guns as the weight and overall length will affect your ability to move, hide and be comfortable while playing paintball for an extended period of time.

However, lighter mag fed guns not means that better in all cases. The lighter guns can be made of poor quality materials and less durable than the heavy one.

#2 Magfed vs Dual-feed guns

Instead of the paintball guns are fed by magazines only, I recommend you to choose the dual-feed guns units. That means the guns offer mag fed as well as with the traditional loader. You essentially get the best of both worlds.

Using the Dual-feed gun will allow you to use your gun in non-mag-fed paintball games and also gives the player in two choose, the capability of switching between mag-fed for accurate shots and standard hopper for accuracy by volume.

This type of mag fed gun gives you more flexibility in how you use your paintball gun and on the change capability rapidly.

#3 How frequently are you going to play this paintball game?

Many beginners do not think about this matter before buying their mag fed gun, but it is quite important to consider. If you plan to join paintball game just as a hobby and plan on playing once or twice a year, so it is obvious that it is not necessary for you to pay a load of money on the most modern with new technology mag fed paintball gun.

On the other hand, if you’re going to play frequently, you’re better off spending a little more on your gun to get something that can meet your need for longer.