How to sharpen a blade for your meat slicer? - Finger Licking Food

A meat slicer will be the essential and indispensable tool that make your cooking a pleasant experience instead of stressful hard work. However, just like other kitchen equipment, the blades of the slicer often lost its efficiency and dull after longer use.

This is why even the best meat slicer need to be sharpen periodically. Doing so will help your meat slicer continue to provide you with great results even after lots of use.

#1 What tools do you need for sharpening

Cut-proof gloves: This is the most important tool that ensure your safety. You will need to use the sharp objects for sharpening blades of your meat slicer and the blades also can injure you, the cut-proof gloves will protect your hands.

Safety Glasses: This maybe the change that the sparks of fire come out while sharpening the blades that may cause damage to your eyes so you will need safety glasses keep your eyes safe.

Sharpening Stone: Some of meat slicer kits will have sharpening stone. Otherwise, you’ll need to purchase a separate sharpener instrument.

#2 The sharpen process

Ensure that you disconnect your meat slicer with the power source before getting start. If it was running for a while, then wait until it cool down.

Opening the cover of the blades then using a dishcloth and detergent water to clean your blades. Let’s it air dry for a while.

Apply some lubricating oil or cooking oil on the blades.

There are some meal slicers will come with the instructions on how to use the sharpener stone. Or you can adjust and make sure that that the stone should be fixed close to the ends of the blades.

After that, connect your meat slicer with supply power and allow the blades to spin for a while for grinding. If your sharpening stone is not included, then you have to make sure it would not fall off while spinning.

Switch off the meat slicer and check if the blades sharpen enough of not. If it is still dull, then repeat this process one more time.

Clean the blades once again with the warm detergent water to get rid of all the dust and metal particles.

You can apply some sanitizer or alcohol on your blades before add it back to the meat slicer. Finally let the machine power on for test to if it is running normal.