What men’s underwear material is best for hot weather? - Finger Licking Food

Aside from your preferred style of underwear, the next biggest factor that affect your comfort and products durability is the material you choose. Especially in hot weather, breathable fabrics and cooling are also more important.

Different types of underwear all come in various fabrics, but what is the best for men to wear in hot weather? In order to help you enjoy the great outdoors during summer and choosing the best men’s underwear for hot weather, here are some materials of men’s underwear that you should and should not use in warm temperatures and humid condition.

#1 Cotton

Cotton is the most common material for both men and women’s underwear. It is breathable, natural fiber with a little bit of stretch to it. However, we not recommend you to use cotton underwear in the hot weather.

If you are sweating a lot, cotton tends to soak up moisture so it could become heavy and wet. So you should avoid it when you are buying underwear for exercising. Its natural absorbency does not work well for exercising but you still use it for lighter activities such as going to work or to school.

#2 Bamboo

Bamboo is another natural fiber but it seems to be more durable and more lightweight than cotton.  Bamboo is likely the best natural fabric because it’s highly-absorbent, drying quickly and soft.

As opposed to cotton, bamboo also provides natural wicking and antimicrobial properties. Due to these reason, bamboo is the ideal material for men’s underwear and for those who has sensitive skin.

#3 Modal

If cotton cannot meet your absorption needs, then you can consider modal. Modal is a fiber made from beech trees. It is soft and smooth on the skin, it even softer than cotton. It is breathable, but does not wick moisture. You can use modal underwear for both exercising and functional enough to be worn with jeans.

#4 Polyester

Polyester is the next common material. It is a synthetic material that thin, lightweight and comfortable to wear. It is durable, strong, quick-drying, easy to wash and maintain. However, it is not the ideal material for men’s underwear in the hot weather as it does not have a high absorbent power.

#5 Silk

Silk is the luxury material as it is very expensive. It is an elegant material that is durable and will last for so long. Silk is also extremely soft, which make you feels great and smoothly on the skin.

Unfortunately, its high absorbency feature makes it not a very good choice for hot weather underwear. It is more suitable to use as winter underwear.