Should you use non-stick pan on a gas stove? - Finger Licking Food

There are numerous advantages comes with a non-stick pan make it a popular, useful, and indispensable cookware in any kitchen. However, as with any appliance, especially one used practically every day to prepare food, it is important to know if the non-stick pan is compatible with your stove or not.

Unlike other electric stove, gas stove does not naturally distribute heat in a uniform manner. This is why many people want to know whether non-stick pans suited for its open-flame style of cooking.

#1 Should you use non-stick pans on a gas stove?

There is the problem with gas stove is that they quickly heat cookware. Gas stoves typically heat up relatively fast and produce unevenly distributed heat which makes it harder to prepare your meal with non-stick pan.

While non-stick pans should not be place over the high heat and the unevenly heat can damage the non-stick coating. However, it is not mean that’s you cannot use non-stick pans with gas stove. The answer is Yes, you can. But you should find out about best non-stick pan for gas stove and know how to properly use your non-stick pan.

Learning about precaution when using non-stick pan with gas stove you can extend the lifetime of your pan and also get the better result of it.

#2 How to properly use non-stick pan over gas stove?

Non-stick pan should not be cook over high heat. Therefore, always set the burner to lower or medium when using non-stick pans. That means you should use non-stick pans to cook meals that cook on medium to low heat such as pancakes, reheat leftovers or scrambled eggs. Remember not use non-stick pan for complicate food such as searing or broiling meat

One more important thing is using only plastic or wooden spoons on the non-stick pan. Plastic and wooden spoons will prevent the coating finish of the pan from being scratch.

When overheated, the non-stick coating disintegrates at a molecular level producing toxic gases and particles. Above 500 degrees F Teflon coating starts breaking down. This is why non-stick pan cannot be use with oven and you should only heat the non-stick pans up to a maximum of 500 degrees F.

Although many non-stick pans are introduced as dishwasher safe, I would like to recommend you hand wash your non-stick pan when you have time as the hot water of dishwasher may shorten the lifetime of your pan.