How to choose the best rated digital candy thermometer? - Finger Licking Food

If you have ever make made a candy, dessert, chocolates, caramels and end up with spoilt, the problem may cause by the amount of heat that you are using. Whether if you are a professional Chef, or you are a singer people who have a passion on making candy, you all need a digital candy thermometer.

The digital candy thermometer will show and help you control precise temperature on the cooking process. This thermometer is produced to check the right temperature of making certain candies. Avoid wasting sugar and materials if you overcooked and burn it. It may difficult for you to choose the best thermometer.

So we synthesize here some tips to choose the best rated digital candy thermometer:

#1 The length

What is the length are suit for your pots and pans. The first thing to consider before buying a digital candy thermometer is how depth your pots and pans are.

If you are using deep pots and pans, you should buy a thermometer length of about 12 inches. Choosing the right thermometer that long enough to touch the bottom of the pots while allowing you to read the temperature on your device is more safety for your hands.

#2  Extra features

If you are a novice in making candy and do not have much experience, you should buy the thermometer with some extra features. For example, the feature of giving warning by bells, whistles or delicate lights will help you a warning when sugar or water reaches the right temperature without stand over the stove the entire time.

The automatic shut off feature is also useful to saves the battery.

#3 Digital

Although not the traditional model, but digital thermometers allow you to read the temperature through a digital display. These digital cooking thermometers usually have a higher level of accuracy in comparison with other models. This device is also popular that you can easily buy at any store.