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How To Have Good Sleep When Camping

Camping is a great way to relax. It gives you an opportunity to enjoy nature away from the comfort of your home.  It’s also an opportunity to reconnect with family and friends. Sufficient rest is essential to enable you to enjoy your camping experience. When preparing to go camping, it’s critical that you pack comfortable sleeping gears. Here are a must have items if you are to have that much desired refreshing experience.

Get a Sleeping Pad

Make sure you have something between you and the ground. A sleeping pad not only makes you comfortable, but it also insulates you to keep you from freezing. Consider the weather and features of the pad when selecting one.

Closed- cell foam pads: These are ideally backpacking pads. They are light, affordable and long-lasting, and you don’t have to worry about leaks or punctures. They offer excellent insulation as well.

 If you are a backpacker, these are convenient as they are easy to fold and carry.

Self-inflating pads: You can use these for car camping and backpacking as well.  They are warmer, stronger and quite affordable. Self-inflating pads are easy to use. All you require to do is open the pad’s valves, and air fills the chambers automatically. You can adjust their firmness by releasing or adding air into the chambers.

Air Pads: Air pads are now lighter than ever, even ideal for backpacking.  Some models require you to use a hand pump to inflate them while others need you to use your breath.

The main disadvantage of these pads is that they tend to feel as if they are losing air if the outside temperature fluctuates. It is advisable that you blow them up just before you go to sleep.

They are also prone to tear and ripping up, especially if you are sharing them with dogs. They are however easy to repair.

When it comes to the choice of a sleeping pad, you should consider comfort, insulation, portability, durability, and affordability.

Ensure You Have a Best Camp PillowEnsure You Have a Camp Pillow

Camp pillows are smaller than your ordinary pillow, but they should not be too small; otherwise, your head will keep falling off, disrupting your sleep. They are essential to make your sleep a little cozier, after all, a good night’s sleep makes the camping experience better.

Here are some options that are available to you in the market.

  • Compressible Foam pillow: these get squished flat when not in use and require pumping up when you need to use them. This pillow is soft and comfortable. It’s also low maintenance as its made of a dirt repellant fabric. It occupies minimal space in your luggage.
  • Down pressed Pillow: these are compressible and very light. You can adjust it with the drawstring to make it as soft or firm as you like. It can comfortably fit in your backpack.
  • Inflatable pillows: can be inflated to be just as soft or firm as you want. This kind of pillow is most economical and inexpensive and can be used as a seat cushion as well.
  • The folding pillow: It comes folded in a little pocket. If you like a thick headrest, leave it wrapped; unfold it if you prefer a thin one.

A Sleeping Bag is a Necessity

A sleeping bag is an excellent way to keep yourself warm. They come in different sizes, types, and fabric. Tapered bags have a wider top half and a tapered bottom.

Mummy bags will keep you warm during the cold season as they snuggle tighter to your body.

Square sleeping bags are the same size from top to bottom. They are more commonly used.

Dress Appropriately

Hotter seasons like summer require that you dress lightly. However, consider temperature drops at night, and ensure that whatever you are wearing will accommodate the temperature changes.

Colder seasons may demand that you wear leggings, a cap or even gloves. However, ensure that you don’t sweat too much as it makes your clothes wet, lowering your body temperature.

Get a Comfortable Sleeping GroundGet a Comfortable Sleeping Ground

Before setting up your tent, ensure that there are no stones, thorns or sticks on your sleeping ground. These tend to make their presence known in the middle of the night and can make what was intended to be a great experience, a pain.

Consider the ground level before pitching your tent.  Avoid areas where water is likely to collect if it rains. If the ground is slanted, make sure to elevate your head with a pillow for more comfort.

Keep off areas that are near busy roads and human traffic. These distractions can make it hard for you to sleep.

A good night’s sleep is essential to enjoying your camping experience, do whatever it takes to secure it.

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What are the main factors to have a safe camping trip?

Everyone wants to enjoy life and spend some time in the lap of nature. It’s the habit as well as nature of humans being to explore new worlds and get one with the universe. People like to go out with their family and friends. Camping is one of the things which are most preferred by people. Camping is a fun way to get family and friends together to enjoy the outdoors. Before going out, one should keep in mind that it’s not easy to go out and stay safe there. One should keep all these things in mind to have a safe camping trip.

15 things you should remember to have a safe camping trip

1. First of all, the most important thing while going out is Vaccination. Immunizations can help secure against specific ailments and conditions while outdoors. Check with your specialist or medical caretaker to check whether you’ve had the greater part of the suggested antibodies. He or she may prescribe lockjaw, pertussis (whooping hack), meningitis, as well as hepatitis A, contingent upon your restorative history, goal, and different elements.

2. Secondly, everyone should keep safe and hygienic food while having a camping trip. Contaminated food and water can cause certain infectious diseases so one should be very careful.keep safe and hygienic food
Follow these steps to keep your food and water safe:
• Pack food in tight, waterproof sacks or holders. Keep them in a protected cooler.
• Wash hands and surfaces frequently. Utilize hand sanitizer if water isn’t accessible.
• Separate crude nourishments from cooked sustenance.
• Cook food to appropriate temperatures (for example, ground hamburger ought to be cooked to an inside temperature of no less than 160 degrees).

3. The most important thing is to figure out your necessary gears. You have an idea that how long you will stay there so it’s better to make a list of all the possible gadgets you will need there. If you want to go for hiking and climbing then there is no need to take extra weight rather you must the one which you can carry easily. Don’t take fancy extras, they will only bother you and won’t give you any comfort.

4. While camping, you would like to explore the wild world and communicate with animals. But don’t forget that they could be harmful. They may look well disposed and charming yet they are exceptionally unusual and defensive. You should be ready and mindful of your encompassing while at the same time strolling around. The most imperative thing to be remembered is that there is no compelling reason to encourage them. A large portion of the wounds will happen when you attempt to sustain them.

5. Camping is not only for elders. Children are also part of camping. It’s not easy to take care of children during camping so you should supervise them wisely. Ask them to stay around and don’t try to mess with something dangerous. There should be a fixed meeting place where everyone should gather at the end of a joyful day. It will prevent you from unnecessary worry and headache of finding and calling your children. Don’t forget to keep a picture of your children in case they get lost.Children camping

6. You are supposed to take care of your eyes as well as skin. Keep sunscreen and sunglasses in your bag. If the weather is hot, you can get skin burn. Shield your eyes from the scorching heat of the sun as well as the glare of the water and snow. Sunburn can destroy your trip as well as pictures.

7. Its okay to walk alone when you are near your home. But there is no need to climb and hike alone when you are camping. Walk with a companion and don’t forget to inform others about your plans. You should take a lot of food, matches, and lamp. There should be a map and compass in your bag. Keep yourself updated about climate.

8. You wear your favorite dress and you are ready for a wonderful trip but you forgot to wear socks and use insect repellent which can cause you a big problem. While roaming around, don’t forget to use insect repellent. Avoid high grass as well as tick trees. Avoid insects and ticks. If a tick attack doesn’t panic just pull it out carefully. Don’t crush or squeeze it. You may get some skin allergy. After that, wash your hands with soap and disinfect the specific area.

9. Pay special attention to endangered animals. Be careful while strolling around and touching different things. While picking up a stick or sitting randomly somewhere, be very careful and cautious. Snakes are not brave. If they feel debilitated they may make some sudden attack, leaving you speechless. Remain silent and move slowly away from them.

10. You are having purified water in your car but still, if you forget to take water with yourself, you must know the system of water purification in case of using natural water somewhere around your camp.

11. Everyone likes to play with water but water can be dangerous if you aren’t careful. While sitting on the bank of a river or stream, must watch your movements as well as of your children. Don’t overplay with water and be within your limits. If someone is not good at swimming then there is no need to try either.

12. Pay attention to the weather forecast. It can change in the blink of an eye. You should be prepared for it.Pay attention to the weather forecast

13. One should be extremely cautious with gas canisters. Keep upright frequently. Keep them outside of the ventilated area. Regularly check them for leakage and don’t forget to put cleanser fluid on all links. Turn it off when you are not using it.

14. Be careful not to spill fuel. Use a funnel to fill the tank.

15. Practice good fire safety.
The above-mentioned things are important to be read if you are going out for camping. Keep all these things in your mind and have a joyful and memorable camping with your friends.

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Top 10 most important gears for a camping backpack

You were waiting for spring and your holidays. Now spring is in its full swing, so you should take holidays and start acting on your plan. You have planned to go camping and now it’s the time to pack your bag and step out to embrace the soothing company of nature. First of all, you should make a list of all the necessary gears you want to take with yourself.  If you are finding any difficulty, you just look at the list below and it will help you a lot. Don’t worry if you’re a beginner, we have got you covered.

What gears you should take depend on the nature of your trip. If it’s a one day trip near some hill or river then you should bring few things with yourself.  But if you are going far away from populated base camp and you want to spend some days in the comforting arms of scenery then you must keep all essential things in your bag. Spending days away from your home means keeping all those things which can provide a comfortable environment there. Obviously, you can’t make a home there but you can make something comforting like home.

While buying gears for camping and back camping, the most important thing to be considered is weight and packability. You are not taking a number of bags with you rather you want to take only one bag so that you can go freely anywhere. You should not listen to others rather you should make your own list of gears; things you feel important for your trip. Most of the times, the list of essentials is the same for all.

Let’s start with the basic camping gears.  Take a page and pen and start noting it down.

  1. Tents, Tarps, and Stakes:

 How do you think of a camp without sleep? The most important essential thing other than food is sleep. No matter how much you enjoy during camping, you will surely have the need of a proper sleep. Therefore, a tent or a sleeping bag should be at the top of your priority list. There are different types of tents. They come in all sizes and types. But you should get the one with lightweight. Ultralight tents are very easy to carry and use.

  1. Hiking Boots or Shoes:

You are going out on a trip or camping. You are imagining taking pictures while hiking and sliding.  While thinking about fun and memories, you should not forget about your partner. Obviously, a pair of shoes.  The selection of boots depends on the nature of your camping.  First, you will get for sneakers. It’s okay if you are having a simple camping. But if you are planning to have a long backpacking trip then don’t forget to pick up the durable and dedicated shoes.  A pair of comfortable shoes will be your best partner as they will support you in every condition.

  1. First Aid KitFirst Aid Kit

Camping is fun, no doubt, but at the same time, one should not shut eyes to the open atmosphere and damage that could happen while enjoying the scenery of nature. During camping, none sit idle and lazy. Everyone wants to enjoy as much as one can, taking part in hiking, games and roaming here and there. This camping trip can cause burns, scratches as well as cuts. So, one should not forget to keep first aid kit as an important equipment during camping.  Don’t arrive at your camp without it, and be sure to take it on your excursions, as well.

  1. Pack of Matches

During camping, the most important thing other than water is fire. Just imagine a camping without the bone fire? Without the dizzy light of the fire at night while singing songs and sitting in a circle around the fire. It means you should keep a pack of matches with you. It is a small yet an important thing. Without fire, you would have limited food as you won’t like to eat, and you would surely crave for cooked food.

  1. Paper Maps

Another significant thing necessary for camping is maps. It doesn’t matter if you are camping or backpacking, you will surely have the need of a map. Most of the people think that in this advanced age of mobile and internet they can have access to the digital map, but one should not forget that while camping, there could be a signal problem.  So, while going out don’t forget to keep a map with yourself. It will help you and won’t let you get sidetracked. You can find a map from any shop and you can also download it online.

  1. Alternate Weather Wear

You are going for camping, you have kept all necessary equipment, yet you forgot to keep extra clothes with you. You were expecting a shiny smiling sun but you are subjected to the thundering and cool breeze. You will have to bear the cold as you won’t have necessary clothes. Therefore, you should keep an extra set of clothes with you, in case you face some weather change. The weather can change at the drop of the dime, so you should not spoil your trip.

  1. Lantern, Flashlight or HeadlampFlashlight

While camping, don’t forget to keep a light with you. During a day, you will be accompanied by the sweet company of sunlight but when night falls you will have to look for some light. You might have to go to the washroom or you might crave a midnight walk along with your companion. So, it’s better to keep a flashlight or lantern in your box. Most important, keep your light in some places which are easily reachable.

  1. Pocket KnifePocket Knife

Another camping essential is the pocket knife. It’s so ultra light and takes no space in your bag. You can also keep it in your pocket. Along with knife, you should keep scissors too. These are small yet essential for camping.

  1. Rope

Rope is important as if it has many uses during your camping. It will help you a lot if you are fond of hiking and climbing. At the same time, it is useful for tying your things. Secondly, when the weather is good, and you wash your clothes, it will help in making a clothesline. You can also hang your coolers from a branch at night. So you should not go on camping without a rope.

  1. Sunscreen

Don’t forget to keep a bottle of sunscreen in your bag. You are out and your face will be open to every damage of the atmosphere. You need a protection so sunscreen will take the best care of you. They are lightweight and easily available. You don’t have to worry about price.

In a nutshell, it’s not difficult to have camping. You just need to have an idea of all the necessary things you have to keep with yourself.  If you pack a good bag, you won’t suffer during your camping rather you will enjoy and share memories with your family and friends.

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