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A Typical Day On The Arbonne Detox

Yum – chicken fajita salad in bad lighting!

I don’t sell Arbonne and won’t be making any money off of this post – it’s merely me, sharing my Arbonne Detox experience! 

Today marks Day 10 of the Arbonne 30 Days of Healthy Living program. I miss coffee. I really, really miss coffee. Other than that, the sugar cravings and the desire to eat everything within sight have gone. I’m enjoying the nice boost of energy that comes around the end of the first week, along with much better sleep patterns.

This detox is worth it for the better sleep alone, in my opinion.

I’ve had some questions about what a day on the Arbonne detox looks like. Let’s take a look.


I’m an early riser. I take several 6AM barre classes during the week. By 7:15, I’m usually back home and in the kitchen making a protein shake. My tried-and-true favorite is chocolate Arbonne protein powder, a tablespoon of almond butter, and about a cup and a half of almond milk. I also add several cubes of ice and about half a scoop of Arbonne’s fiber boost. This is also when I take my probiotic.

This round of detox, I’ve started drinking a mug of peppermint tea as well. It’s not so much the caffeine boost from coffee I’m missing. It’s the act of drinking something warm. And so, peppermint tea – herbal, caffeine free tea is allowed on the detox – has become a staple.

After I get to work, somewhere around 8:30, I have my Arbonne detox tea and my morning Arbonne fizz stick. The detox tea helps flush the system and with a couple squirts of liquid stevia, tastes pretty good. The fizz sticks are magic little boosts of energy. I mix mine with water.


I always have a snack mid-morning. It’s typically a green apple or almonds. Because I teach so many barre classes, take barre classes, and also visit the gym a few times a week, I have to make sure I’m eating enough. I track calories with the MyFitnessPal app and wear a Polar watch to track my calories burned accurately. I highly recommend those watches – you will be amazed at how inaccurate the gym equipment is.


Lunch is generally another protein shake, although sometimes I have a good, clean lunch instead, usually a salad. My favorite lunchtime shake is Arbonne vanilla protein powder, almond butter, almond milk, and a dash of cinnamon. I add in some ice and another half scoop of fiber boost. I generally eat a little something along with my protein shake, like carrots and hummus or rice tortilla chips and guacamole.


Mid-afternoon is usually where I board the struggle bus, detox or no. I’m most productive in the mornings and around 3:00, my attention span deteriorates. Usually, I combat this with a trip across the street to Mudhouse for an Americano and a power ball. This month, I have another fizz stick and an afternoon snack, usually more carrots and hummus or almonds. I also have another peppermint tea around this time.

Mudhouse is going to send out an APB on me. I haven’t been in since Christmas Eve. I miss them.

I miss coffee.


One of the things I love most about the Arbonne program is that they provide new recipes each week. You don’t have to choose from those recipes, so long as you’re sticking to approved foods, but having someone tell you what to eat – and make your grocery list for you! – does make it easy! Some of my favorite dinner staples from the program are the chicken fajitas, veggie soup, and the turkey chili. I have a recipe not provided by Arbonne that I’m sharing here on Friday that is AMAZING and detox friendly.

Ideally, you don’t eat after 7PM on the detox. I try not to, but if I cheat at anything on the detox, it’s at eating after 7PM. Sometimes, my schedule simply doesn’t allow it. I teach at 6:30 on Wednesday evenings and have Junior League meetings at least once or twice a week. I figure if that’s the only part of the detox I’m cheating on, I’m doing pretty good.

After Dinner 

I often find that I need to eat more to get to 1200 calories, especially if I’ve taught class and worked out that day, so I have a snack after dinner, almost always green apples and berries. I’ll also have tea, either peppermint or detox.

And there you have it. A typical day on the Arbonne detox. Not every day is as straightforward as this, but I try to make it so. It’s only 30 days, after all, and the benefits far outweigh the cons (which, in my case, is… no coffee. Have I said I miss coffee yet?)

I think its time I go brew some more peppermint tea.

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