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What should you notice about rock climbing for kids?

Rock climbing will give you the special fun when you are good at it. If you are a beginner or you want to teach your kids’ rock climbing, then you need to have the necessary information and safety tips for climbing. In this advanced age of science and technology, children are addicted to indoor games as well as junk food. It leaves a bad effect on their mental as well as physical health. In old ages, children used to play outside and spend time in running, playing as well as climbing and they used to be active and smart. While these days, parents are always worried about the fitness of their children and their sedentary lifestyles. Climbing is best for such kids. Parents should encourage their kids to do this activity to make them active.

This article is dedicated to parents and beginners. Before you step out and give your children a chance to play rock climbing, read this article to know about the important information about rock climbing for children.

Some Safety Tips for Rock Climbing for Kids

You are happy that your kid is climbing the rock and he is learning new thing which adds something to his experience, but nothing is more important than the life and security of your child.

  • Make sure that your children are able to understand instructions and knows well how to start climbing. This will help them take care of themselves and stay away from any injury.
  • Your kids are starting his new adventure, and you are very cautious. You should protect them by preparing a padded mat below.
  • Kids are always careless, and they don’t know about the safety gears. But you are adult and you know it so well that you have to save your child from accidents and slips during climbing. You should equip safety gears like helmet, rope, shoes for your kids.
  • The climbing harness is essential during climbing. It will prevent your children from slipping and falling. But keep in mind that harness should not be too tight.
  • Always make it sure that your children are always under proper instructions and supervision. No matter how much practice he has, you should not take the risk. There should be someone with them, to guide them and take care of them.

Some Techniques for Rock Climbing

  1. Warm Up and Stretch:

Warm Up and Stretch

Ask your kids to warm himself up by stretching and walking. Stretching helps them increase blood circulation and it also helps in the flexibility of body which helps in climbing. Your children must learn the basic warm up and stretch exercises which will help him in having a smooth climbing and avoid injuries.

  1. Better use of Grip:

While climbing, the most important thing is gripping. While climbing, try to have a relax grip and don’t panic. Some people go for over-gripping and which cause imbalance and slipping. Let your child practice to have the proper grip and use of hands. You can do it in your home too by faking rocks and help your children climb on it until they are good at it. The more your kid is good at gripping and climbing, the safer and happier your kid will be.

  1. Good balance:

Along with good grip, the good balance is also important. How can someone climb a rock without balance? If someone is not having the balance, he will surely slip or fall. Good balance is one the important climbing techniques. Balance depends on how to use your use your feet and weight of your body. It doesn’t matter whether you are smart or fat, you can get the balance if you know the basic method. You might open or close your feet but remember that the center of the balance is the mass of your body. It means your main focus should be your body.

Your child is naive, and he has no idea of how to have a good balance. You are the one to teach your child knows about balancing, so he can climb smoothly and effortlessly. The best way to improve the balance of your kid is to ask him to get over the wall with his feet and hands only. At the start, he would have some difficulty but with the passage of time, he will be expert in it.

  1. Smooth Movement:

Smooth Movement

Teach your kid to be aware of his feet and hands to help him have the smooth climbing. If he is not aware of his movements, he might fall or slip. Tell him to be calm and tranquil. He should not panic and stress if he loses his balance, rather he should be stable and relaxed and gain his balance again.

  1. Performing a Good Control:

You have taught everything to your child and now he has started climbing and you feel he is good at it. But what if he falls? What if he slips? He is good at it, yet he is not an expert. More than basic skills, don’t forget to teach your kids to have the basic mental control. Let him face every situation and he should know how to act and recover in such situations.

  1. Observing and Learning:

Your kid has not learned climbing yet and you are teaching him. But you are not satisfied, and you feel that he must learn it again. The best way to do it is to take him out and let him observe the climbing of others. Let him sit there and watch how people climb. After that ask him to practice everything he observes and learns.


Children are like the flowers of a garden. When they smile, it feels as if the whole world is smiling. You want to teach them every new thing, but you should be very careful. Because safety is the real concern for our children when they are climbing the rock, or anything related. At first, you must aware your kids about the cautions and things that need to take care of.

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