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April Mega Blogging Marathon #75 Round-up – Bakes from Around the World

This was my first Mega Blogging Marathon ever and I must say much that it was exciting and resulted in a host of scrumptious bakes, it was a huge commitment and required plenty of dedication. I joined the group only mid-March so I really didn’t have a lot of time to spare to bake ahead. From no activity on my blog in the past 5 years to 26 days of non-stop blogging, this marathon gave me a giant push to get back into blogging..very quickly đŸ˜€ When I emailed Valli of Spice Your Life to sign up for this event, she was little hesitant as I’m totally new to the marathon, but she agreed and signed me up. I’m glad she did! đŸ™‚

I’ve learned so much on this awesome baking journey this month. Its amazing how cuisines across the world have similar bakes known by different names with slight changes in the way they are made. The amusing part was reading up on the history of the particular bake. From the scandalous Rigo Jancsi to the people-oriented Indian Ladi Pav, its been a very enlightening marathon.

If you missed a few or all of my posts, here is a round-up of all the 26 bakes in Alphabetical order. Brace yourself for a feast for the eyes, and if you try any of these bakes…a feast for the tummy too!


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